Who I Am

logo 1/3 sizeMy name is Joanna Juzwik. My individual essence is a focused manifestation of the primal creative (feminine) force in the universe. I have been present on Earth in many different embodiments, including Tiamat, Isis, the Grail, and the sister of Jesus. I am here, currently writing this in 2015, to help this beautiful planet come into its full empowerment.

Many people on Earth are conscious that we are entering a new age on Earth, that we are approaching a tremendous evolutionary leap. Many people are waking up. This great shift on Earth extends beyond Earth, however, to the whole universe. What is the nature of this shift? At its deepest level, the age of enslavement is ending. We are becoming a true free-will universe (and planet). Power-over will no longer be allowed on Earth or in the universe. The universal laws are actually being amended. The purpose of all life (Source energy) is creation, and power-over blocks creation. So it is being done away with.

Why has the age of enslavement lasted so awfully long? Why have we suffered so horribly in darkness on Earth? Many attempts to reclaim the planet for herself have been made. All the hotspots in history were attempts to do so, including the higher beings of ancient Egypt, the embodiment of Christ, King Arthur’s court, Tibetan monasticism, and many others. Each failed for specific reasons, generally involving key players choosing to hoard higher energies or knowledge rather than equally empower all life on Earth. Failure is only ever failure from within–from choices consciously made.

This time around, the tide has already turned. The old game is over.

I have been in different degrees of unconscious to conscious hiding out during this time. But I am now fully out! After battling many internal forces of resistance, I am finally willing to tell who I am, what I am doing, and share all I know. I have been a “professional” intuitive healer these last five years, and that has fallen short of what people need. For people to step into a new paradigm, the “New Earth,” to set themselves free, they need to know the whole story of what is really going on on this planet and beyond. I am here to tell it, as well as to help set up the New Earth.

I have been consciously healing the Earth and setting up New Earth paradigms for two years now. I have been very isolated for the most part, which has about driven me crazy, but has been essential. I have had zero surface trappings of power, which has allowed me to stay well below the radar of the powers-that-be, and to work in freedom. They do not know what true power is, so I have been invisible. And because I have set an absolute intention of conquering every force of power-over and corruption in my own self and life (not finished yet!), and because I have consciously expanded my consciousness out to connect with my higher self, ultimately disappearing into the great Oneness of all, I have gained authority over the very entities that control the planet.

I am seeking ways to make the true narrative of Planet Earth available to more people, so they can make the leap to the New Earth. I don’t want or need much money. For starters, I need a space (in Berea, Kentucky) that will serve as a portal into the New Earth, in North America. The space itself will hold this knowledge, and a map to complete healing for all who enter and seek it. I am no guru, and will never set myself up as a teacher to be followed (such as Christ did): Spirit is the only teacher any of us needs now. The veils that have separated us from higher knowing and connectedness are gone! I am a creator, as are you.

I deeply wish to connect with others who are here to help with this work, who have passed the ego-test, who are willing to do anything to heal themselves, which is the same as healing the planet.  If you know what I am talking about, please get in touch with me. It’s time to have some fun! It’s time to strike up the merry dance that living is meant to be. And Planet Earth is THE place to be in the universe right now, so you have shown up for the right party!! Source is expanding directly into and through Matter here on Earth–for the first time in the Universe!