What is Health?

Health = Wholeness. To be whole beings, we must have conscious knowledge of who we truly are, and our purpose on earth. We must release cultural lies and personal patterns that keep us in a state of fragmentation. We must come to cherish and embrace every part of ourselves, rather than shutting undesirable parts out. Health thus requires a lifelong journey of learning, and seeking consciousness. Let’s back up a little to the big picture.

Life on earth is, in essence, a glorious experiment with the embodiment of spirit in matter. The great question behind this experiment is if embodied beings can grow to consciousness of our true spiritual nature on our own. Our spirits (or souls) depend on the body for health, and our bodies depend on the spirit for health. The most basic cornerstone of optimal health is groundedness. Being grounded means that one’s spirit is completely aligned with and rooted in one’s body, and that we are energetically connected to the earth. Many of us become ungrounded because of difficulty at birth, traumatic experiences, lack of physical activity, and many other reasons. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring the spirit back into the body, and maintain a healthy body and aura.

A second cornerstone of health is healthy flow of energy, within our own aura as well as in and out of our auras. The aura is the energy field that surrounds and permeates the body. When we encounter negative energies and experiences throughout life, we often manage these by storing them in the aura in “blocks.” When we do this, we create an area in the aura where energy is not flowing optimally: it is stuck in one configuration. If energy remains stuck for long enough, it will usually manifest as physical illness or discomfort.

Healers who understand this whole/holistic picture of health can be valuable resources and guides to restoring full health to a client. However, because health depends as much on spirit and consciousness as it does on body, each of us must be an active participant in our own healing journey. True healing is self-healing, in that we must be ready to change and actively embrace new patterns of being.

In some ways, the purpose of life might be described as “consciously undertaking the journey to wholeness.” Evolution is the way this grand experiment of embodiment and self-consciousness proceeds on earth. We are familiar with biological evolution, but evolution is also happening at the level of spirit and consciousness, which is where our highly evolved minds are useful. Our minds have evolved to the point that humans as a species are beginning to awaken to our true nature. At this point in our spiritual evolution, we are starting to remember/discover that we are spiritual beings as well as material. We are also emerging from dark times to remember that the body is sacred. This applies to the earth also: the earth itself is alive and has a spiritual dimension. All life on earth is interconnected, and each of us expresses a unique piece of that divine spark that brought life to this planet.

The whole earth is evolving, and we evolve individually as well, what we might term “spiritual growth.” We can choose to either learn and evolve toward greater wholeness, or stagnate and become unhealthy, contributing yet more darkness to our planet.

If we choose to embark on the journey to health and consciousness, we will receive all kinds of help from the Universe. This is because we are placing ourselves in the natural flow and direction of life on earth. The healing journey is somewhat like a treasure hunt, with clues scattered here and there along one’s path. We have only to be on the lookout to find them. It is so with healing focused on body, mind, or spirit. If we keep our eyes and ears open, our wits about us, and allow a good dose of patience, we will know what step to take at any point on the journey. And however small each step, it will surely lead us to the next step. We don’t often get to glimpse the way clear ahead; more often it is like stepping through a door into darkness, before our eyes adjust to the new ways of seeing. The journey of self-discovery, toward wholeness, is tremendously rewarding.

Although each of us has a unique path (which is why dogmatic prescriptions are misguided), our paths intersect with others in a great web, allowing each of us to meet the deeper needs of others and receive the same help in turn, as we go. It is important to stay on one’s own path, as we will only ultimately cause harm by going along with others’ agendas for our lives.The only tool we truly need to heal is to learn to listen to and follow our Inner Guide, that surefire compass inside of us that both connects us with the great harmony as well as consistently points to our own true path. Our Inner Guide is our link to Spirit in all things, or energetically speaking, Source.


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