What is an Intuitive Reading Like?

For intuitive readings, Joanna sits in her chair doing most of the talking, while the client makes herself/himself comfortable, takes notes (if desired), and adds in occasional information, insights, or questions for clarification. A client may share specific questions or issues for Joanna to look at before the reading starts, or Joanna can simply begin by finding a starting point in the aura.

A client will receive the information she most needs for her current situation, to understand the situation and to know what direction to take. Very practical information may be had, along with information about the underlying behavior and energetic patterns affecting the client’s current situation. Joanna can give the client specifically tailored ongoing practices to assist in integrating the information received and releasing blocked energy.

Ultimately, all the information received may be used by a client on his path to greater wholeness, and toward discovering his place and work in the universe. It will be particularly useful to those willing to engage in the serious inner work of self-integration and healing.

All information in a session is confidential, including the fact that you have come for a reading. Information about other people will only be given if it is needed for the client’s own healing process.

Couple Reading

Naturally, the information that emerges in a couple’s session is tailored toward the couple’s relationship, though typically some information is focused on each individual. The couple may gain an understanding of why they are experiencing problems, as well as to the bigger purpose of their relationship. Joanna can bring in a new energy “paradigm” for the relationship, although the shift will depend on the couple following through at a practical level.

Family Reading

Consultations on children or family dynamics are one of the most worthwhile uses of Joanna’s services, since often children are not able to clearly articulate what is happening with them–especially infants and toddlers. It typically works out fine if the child is not present; Joanna can access the child’s energy via the parent(s).