Teaching Circles

Joanna offers weekly teaching circles upon request (3 or more people), as an option for adults and teens who want to embark on the journey of supported self-healing. The circles offer practical skills for self-care and self-healing, as well as the camaraderie of others on this journey. This is a good option for people who have more time than money, as well as for people who want to learn and heal by doing it themselves. If you want to see your life transform and are willing to do the work, Joanna highly recommends this route. Participation does require ongoing growth and self-awareness. Participants should plan on about an hour per day of practice time.

The circles will be active learning times, with some talking, and lots of practicing skills such as grounding, centering, setting your energy, and doing your own bodywork.

The cost is $20/person for an 1 ½ hour meeting. Joanna is open to non-monetary trade for contribution. Commitment is not required: you may participate as long as the group serves your needs, then stop. Group participants are expected to contribute to a safe-feeling environment (instructions provided!), and if someone is unable to do this, they will be asked to leave so that the functionality of the group is not compromised.

If you would like to be part of a circle, let Joanna know. A group can be 3 to 8 people in size—so feel free to get your friends on board! Groups for teens and adults are separate. When three or more people are ready to start, a circle can begin. Time and place will be determined based on the group.

Some skills offered in the circles

(1) Living from your center

  • Staying grounded and centered
  • Reconnecting to the Oneness/Source for rejuvenation
  • Knowing what to do: following your Inner Guide in decision-making
  • Learning to avoid falling for illusions/BS and manipulation
  • Resurrecting your true self and life purpose

(2) Solving problems in your daily flow

  • Converting negative emotions to useful information, and tangible action
  • Listening to your body: DIY body and energy work
  • Managing and healing anxiety and panic
  • Respecting and healing addictions
  • Resolving spirit-realm problems by setting boundaries

(3) Healthy relationships

  • How (and why) to love people unconditionally
  • Standing up for yourself
  • Keeping good boundaries in your relationships
  • Setting boundaries with toxic or invasive people
  • Stop leaking your power
  • Stop being controlled by others; stop controlling others
  • How much talk is useful?
  • Diffusing tension

Joanna has walked every bit of this learning/healing path herself, so what she offers is based on lived experience and success born of perseverance. You can do it too! Having support makes the path exponentially easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Cost: $20/person for 1-1/2 hrs.

Time & Place: TBD based on the group

Contact: (859) 986-8686, call or text