Speaking Engagements

Joanna is available to come share a new story of the planet and what it means for the journey to wholeness, with any group, at any age or level of consciousness. Typically she talks for about 20 minutes, then engages the audience in a question-and-answer type dialogue for the remainder of the time. This allows her to meet people where they are at, and her words to be relevant at deeper levels. She has a variety of pamphlets that can be read ahead of time to facilitate dialogue.

Starting-Point Topics include:

  • Why Has Life on Earth Been So Hard, and Is There Hope?
  • How Does One Achieve True Health?: Why Death and Aging Are Not Inevitable
  • Why the Only Life You Can Save Is Your Own, and How This Benefits the Entire Universe
  • Limitations of the Mind-Based Culture: Why So Many Progressive Movements Fail
  • Reclaiming Planet Earth: How “Aliens” Have Influenced the Evolution of Our Planet
  • Why We Are Failing Our Teens, and How to Fix That
  • The Truth about Intuitive People: The Nature of Evolved Perception and Why These People Are Present on Earth at This Time