DIY Sacred Rituals Workshop

Joanna Juzwik and Barbara Wade are leading a ritual workshop on Saturday, February 23, from 1-4 p.m. at the Berea Friends Meeting House, 300 Harrison Rd.  The purpose of this workshop is to share organizational skills, ideas and materials for people interested in creating, providing leadership for, and/or participating in sacred rituals/sacred circles.

In addition to providing information, ideas, and models from our experience and reading, this workshop will teach primarily through activities so participants can experience and practice aspects of ritual.  Topics will include:

  • guidelines for healthy organization and clear communication
  • determining if participation in your circle will be open or closed, single or mixed gender
  • setting a positive intention (for the good of the earth and all beings)
  • calling the directions and casting a sacred circle
  • raising energy through drumming, dancing, singing, toning, chanting
  • grounding energy and sending healing energy out into the world
  • setting up and taking down an altar and respect for contributed objects
  •  sharing leadership
  • sacred tools and their uses:  talking stick, wand, rattle, bell, drum, sage stick/bundle, medicine pouch, masks, symbolic objects
  • different kinds of circles/groups/ritual gatherings

During the workshop, each individual will make a talking stick, so find and bring a stick that you are attracted to.  We will have materials available to adorn the talking stick. We invite you to also bring your own ribbons, yarn, cloth, shells, and symbolic objects, being mindful of the symbolic meaning of color and objects to you personally.

We will provide song sheets and a bibliography of sources about rituals for individuals or groups to honor life’s passages, special occasions, and seasons of the year. If you have books or resources to recommend to others, please bring them along.

Cost for the workshop will be on a sliding scale, from $10-$20, with the possibility of time-bartering if costs of materials and renting the space have been met.

To register by mail, please send a check with your name and contact information to Barbara Wade at 300 McCarter Branch, Berea, KY 40403. To register online, click here. If you have questions, call Barbara at (859) 986-0460 or email Joanna at inquires @