Business & Studio Space Rental

September 8, 2020

Greetings friends!

I am in the process of purchasing a building in Berea (104 Pasco St.), to encourage community that will support people engaged in creative and conscious living. Check out the Dragons’ Roost website-in-progress,, for more information on this new business venture. My interest here is both personal and professional: Berea is full of phenomenal people, and good, regular gathering and events space is much-needed. In addition, I have long felt that my energy-healing clientele would greatly benefit if teaching and supportive community were available.

Parts of the the building will be available for business, event, and studio space for members of this community. My business plan going forward includes business and studio rental income, so that the individual member fee can remain income-based. As someone who has had a part-time business in Berea for ten years or so, I have constantly been met with the difficulty of finding part-time office space that is affordable; so I hope this project will also help with the economic challenge of working in a small town.

I reach out to you because you are someone with a small business or other practice who might be in need of either office or studio space. Please spread the word to others who come to mind! Everyone is welcome, so long as they are not currently engaged in a physically abusive relationship (either role); and are willing to commit to some other basic community-safeguarding practices such as integrity, respect, and self-awareness. There are a few other constraints particular to folks doing work in expanded spirit/energy levels.

Beginning in November (if bank and legal processes continue according to plan) I will have three discrete rooms, sized about 12×14′ each (includes closet space), available for rent. Two half bathrooms and a small kitchen area are available as common spaces. Additionally, there is a many-windowed, large open room on the front of the building (20×22′), that may be used by members to host groups and open events–as available and as covid permits. The back yard and covered porch are also nice options for small groups. It’s a great space, with many possibilities, and in excellent condition. I will be doing some painting and re-flooring work, but it’s ready to use as soon as the deed changes hands. I am super excited to see this vision finally being born, after five years of working towards it!

There are flexible options on room rental. Utilities and internet are included, and there will be a place for business signs out in front of the building. The 2 upstairs rooms can be furnished and set up as needed. The downstairs room I will be using for my healing work also, so it will have a massage table and chairs available if you need them.

    • Sole use of an upstairs room: $350/month
    • 2-way-split use of an upstairs room: $200 each/month
    • 1 day/week use of the downstairs room: $100/month
    • 2 half-days/week use of the downstairs room: $100/month (9-1, 1-5)
    • Occasional use: Getting started, I am unable to offer this for these 3 rooms, since I need to make sure bills are paid. However, if that’s what you need, please do let me know; it may be that someone who commits to monthly rent will be able to work with you on that.

I don’t have access to the building yet, but feel free to stop by there and peer in the windows and around back, to get a sense of the space. It is empty now.

This venture is a work in progress, and we’ll learn and work out kinks as we go. May this space shine forth with many full hearts, good work, and economic support!


Joanna Juzwik

(859) 986-8686 (cell)

dragonsroostky @