Nonprofit Writing


  • To provide support and resources to people who want to create a better world–in which peace, love, joy, and hope are the norm, and society serves to empower its members—and who are willing to create that world in their own daily lives.
  • To support members in creating a higher quality experience of life by engaging in practices that increase joy, and by shedding practices that decrease joy
  • To provide affordable spaces to members for lodging, learning, healing, creative work, and business
  • To provide shared resources for members’ use, such as learning materials, costumes, art materials and equipment, games, exercise tools, building tools, and whatever other equipment may be useful
  • To sponsor and promote activities and events that increase joy.
  • To sponsor and support activities related to the corporation’s purpose

Core Principles

  1. Joy. If you want to change the world, change the vibe. Delight, humor, comedy, and laughter are at the heart of this endeavor.
  2. Change needs a soundtrack: new rhythms and songs are essential if you want to change the vibe.
  3. Creation by transformation/evolution, (ex omnibus, not ex nihilo!): preserve and respect existing good, adding new direction, methods, etc. Creative, gentle change. Don’t mess with what is working well.
  4. Individual free will choice is of paramount importance and honored, not just tolerated
  5. Suffering is not necessary; we steer clear of behaviors and situations that cause it.
  6. Active creation: trying new things as a way of life and social organization. We avoid stagnation in all areas of life. We respect that every situation, organization, and creation will be useful for a time, then will either need to evolve or be “laid down.” Ideally, we’ll evolve as we go so that there will be few major disruptive endings.
  7. We need real, physical social community. Online and electronically mediated socialization is a poor, even damaging substitute, and we avoid it. Electronic devices are tools, not social mediators.
  8. Sustainability: Earth and human. We don’t take more than we give. We don’t overgive.
  9. Money is a neutral resource, like food, love, water, and material goods, not something we personally own and hoard from a fear-based motive. We don’t use it to influence or control others.
  10. Inclusiveness: no unmerited exclusion (surface or tacit) based on age, gender, appearance, class, race, politics, or style. Events may list behavior requirements necessary for participation to avoid unnecessary exclusion.
  11. We don’t engage in polarizing dialogue in common spaces. We support each other’s journeys and learning processes, whatever point each of us is at.
  12. This endeavor is a conscious social experiment, integrating all relevant cultural fields. It is a practice ground for creating a better society at all levels—physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.