July Group

New Support Group Starting in July!

Place:   Berea Healing Arts, downtown Berea
Time:   Wednesday 4:00-5:00
Dates:   July 11, 18, 25, and August 1
Cost:   $60 for four weeks
Registration deadline:    July 2 (money must be received by this date)

Would you like a little more support on your personal spiritual journey?  Could you use a spiritual community that honors and furthers your own path?

In the process of human spiritual evolution, we are entering a new era, in which spiritual authority and responsibility rests within, rather than in external systems. One of the chief goals of my intuitive work is to support this individual spiritual journey. Many people that come to me for readings are already consciously on this path to wholeness, to knowledge of who they really are and what their purpose is.

Beginning the second week of July, I will be offering a weekly group setting to support this journey, open to both women and men. We will meet for an hour in my office (more information below). Group size is limited to 6, although if need be we can have multiple groups. This “pilot” group will last four weeks, and if it works well, we can continue on with it. I expect this format will need a little tweaking after we try it out, so I will be interested in feedback along the way.

I hope this group opportunity will make my services more available and more affordable to the community, as well as providing an ongoing community of peer support for group members.

If you would like more information, contact me: 859-986-8686 or inquiries @ joannajuzwik.com

If you want to sign up for the group, send your name and contact information along with a check (payable to Joanna Juzwik) to my office at Berea Healing Arts, 122 Main Street, Berea, KY 40403. Or you can leave a check or cash in an envelope on or under my office door.

How will the hour be structured?

We will spend the first 30 minutes in silence, tuning in to the inner voice with the goal of finding clarity and direction on our spiritual journeys. Or you can simply use this as a time to meditate. My role will be to hold presence for the group, hold protected space, and spend a few moments silently checking in intuitively with each person. For anyone interested, I will offer brief written input if I sense the need, along the lines of affirmation and direction.

Following silence, we will have 30 minutes of where any group member may share current breakthroughs, questions, or points of blockage. I will respond as best I can to questions out of the knowledge base I have accumulated over the years from my intuitive and inner work. Group members may also offer insights in a respectful way, if requested.


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