New Earth Community Practices

We are learning to treat each other and ourselves in these ways

Unconditional Love. To love means to see the true beauty and light in each person. Unconditional means you love someone regardless of what they are doing for you, and regardless of what social categories they fit into, or their degree of closeness to you.

Respect for the Earth. We are part of this beautiful, perfect organism. Therefore we treat the Earth and all her creatures with reverence, love, and respect. If an animal shows itself to you, it probably has a message for you: listen! If you feel drawn to move or take home a rock, feather, animal, or anything else, ask its permission first.

Respect for the Body. Our bodies are part of the Earth, and so we treat our own and others’ bodies with the same reverence, love, and respect. We are mindful of what we take into our bodies, knowing that when we wear or consume toxins or toxic amounts of a substance, we will spread toxic energy to the community and Earth around us.

Authority. We respect each person’s authority about what they need to do or not do at any moment. If you need to step out of the group or an activity, or leave altogether, please feel free to do so, with no explanation needed. Follow your Inner Guide!

Power. We never want to power-over others. We exercise our own power by speaking our truth and by letting our inner guide dictate our own actions. We encourage others to do the same. True power entails taking complete responsibility for all that we do, rather than pretending that others have power over us.

Be real. We aim to be 100% real with each other, and to love and support each other. All of us have something to learn from each other as well as something to teach. If you feel drawn/attracted to someone in particular, please own it and freely reach out to that person. Attraction does not necessarily imply a romantic or sexual relationship! It’s simply a sign to connect with someone: there is something to learn from that person, that will help you on your journey.

Honesty. Love requires honesty with each other, and that is not always easy or pleasant. But it keeps up in right relationship with each other. Vulnerability is ok.

Touch. Humans need more nurturing, affectionate touch than we usually get. So offer what you can, and ask for what you need: back/shoulder/neck/feet rubs, hugs, being held, snuggling, etc. If sexual energy rises, either switch it off (ground it out), or get some space. Sex and romance might follow after a relationship of unconditional love has been established. This ensures that break-ups will not damage the feeling of safe community for all participants.

Speech and confidentiality. Speak from your heart. Speak simply. Leave room for others to speak. Practice discerning what needs to be shared or not shared at any given moment. Some things shared in group settings need to be safeguarded: observe confidentiality when appropriate. If you have advice to offer, ask if the person wants advice first.

Silence. You are welcome to be present here in conscious silence. Silence can allow you to stay in a deeper zone, to practice awareness, or just to feel more at ease.

Group awareness. During group events, maintain awareness of the group dynamic and being a part of the group, rather than automatically pairing or sub-grouping with your buddies.