New Earth Community Lodge

New Earth Community Lodge is a gathering place for people who want to create a better world by . . .

Living by direction of your Inner Guide

Practicing unconditional love and empowerment in relationships — Ending power-over/controlling behavior

Living with integrity — Growing past the illusions of our society and personal lives

Maintaining good energy boundaries — Ending energy cannibalism

Check out Community Practices to understand how these principles affect our daily lives.

The lodge is open to its members 24/7 as needed. Members include all living things on the land, and people of all ages. We have gatherings for community, merriment, and healing.

To maintain an appropriate give and take of energy, members consult their inner guides as to what kind of contribution they are called to make to the lodge and the land. Examples of contributions: conscious listening to the Earth and non-human life forms in residence; cooking; music; money for maintenance and utilities; physical labor; whatever you are led to offer.