About Joanna

Joanna has lived in Kentucky over 20 years, and began her energy healing work 15 years ago, after completing a 3-year training program in Lexington. From that foundation, she has pioneered all-new methods of energy healing. Her work constantly evolves, based on the unique needs of current clients and her own path of study. She advocates and practices strict protocol in her work, gleaned both from her training and from ongoing self-healing and growth.

She grew up in Ohio, in a charismatic evangelical Christian household steeped in the fervor of the Jesus movement of the late 60s and early 70s. These early years of direct experience with the Great Love and Oneness that surround us left a deep impression on her. As an adult, when her vision expanded to better understand and perceive this harmony and the universal flow of unconditional love, she knew she had once again returned home. Her heart’s desire is to help others awaken to remember their place in the harmony of all life, and to a joy in life that we have largely forgotten.

Her work with people is sustained by consistent daily attunement to “that Spirit in which we live and move and have our being,” as well as spending time actively communicating with the Earth and all living beings that cross her path. She has spent many years helping midwife the planet into a new era of empowerment, in which we take full responsibility for ourselves, and commit to growing and creating in ways that respect all life.

Joanna’s current focus is using energy techniques, within safe supportive community, to heal trauma and PTSD quickly and with ease.