About Joanna

Joanna grew up in Ohio, within the garden of evangelical Christianity, which engendered her deep commitment to the journey of spiritual transformation. Her spiritual language and understanding of Christianity have expanded since then, but her lived faith remains very close to that of her childhood. She works toward the day when the divine spark in each being is universally recognized, and the individual spiritual journey is honored as essential for the health of the whole community.

She attended Wheaton College in Illinois, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in writing. She continued graduate work at the University of Iowa, finishing with a Master’s degree in English Literature. She moved to Kentucky in 1997, where she raised her daughter and son.

In 2001, Joanna began two years of intuitive training with Colin Chipps of the Lexington (Ky.) Psychic Institute.  These classes taught her the basic techniques of grounding, aura reading, and energy clearing. This training also reawakened her intuitive nature from a deep sleep, and connected her to her life’s work.

Following completion of this training program, Joanna set about becoming a more grounded person (meaning spirit fully inhabiting body, and connected energetically to the earth).  She took yoga classes, strengthened her intuitive discernment through practice, and applied healing energy work intensively to her own spiritual journey.

Amidst this, in 2005, Joanna and her family moved to an intentional community near Berea, with the goal of living in greater harmony with the Earth and sharing resources. She and her then-husband built a 960-sq. ft. timber-frame, straw bale home.

During this time, she was also involved in co-creating homeschooling networks in the Berea area, including Red Cedar Learning Cooperative. She was also active in Berea Friends Meeting (Quakers) during these years.

In 2010, Joanna was finally ready to offer her grounded intuitive skills and experience to the public. She opened her practice at Berea Healing Arts, focusing mostly on individual sessions. In fall of 2013, she moved to a larger, more accessible space, Rosegold Cottage, to accommodate groups as well as more flexible appointment hours. In January of 2015, she closed down Rosegold Cottage and began to actively work toward establishing a healing center in Berea, as well as a residential spa and healing center in a rural setting outside of town.