Intuitive Diagnosis

Joanna Juzwik and Henry Smith offer intuitive diagnosis sessions at the Berea Healing Arts space on Main Street. In 1-2 sessions (offered Tuesday and Saturday midday), they offer a client a complete run-down of what is going on in their body and entire energy field, with a particular focus on problem areas that need to be addressed.

After getting some initial information, the client relaxes on the table while Joanna and Henry work mostly in silence. At the session’s end, they sit down with the client and go over their findings and recommended courses of action to heal existing problems. The client is welcome to take as detailed notes as desired. Recommendations might include lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, job, etc.), medical procedures or tests, holistic healing work, supplements, emotional work, and so on.

If a client wishes to have Joanna and Henry on his/her ongoing healing team after these sessions, they are welcome to check out the New Earth Healing Center in downtown Berea, where Joanna and Henry do the bulk of their healing work.

Cost: $210 (covers 1-2 sessions as well as remote work outside of sessions). Barter is possible.

Location: Harmon Chiropractic, Berea Healing Arts, 121 E. Main Street, Berea

Contact: Joanna (859) 986-8686