Group Work

Would you like a little more support on your personal spiritual journey and healing work?  Could you use a spiritual community that honors and furthers your own path?

In the process of human spiritual evolution, we are entering a new era, in which spiritual authority and responsibility rest within, rather than in external systems. One of the chief goals of my intuitive work is to support the individual spiritual journey. Many people that come to me for readings are already consciously on this path to wholeness, to knowledge of who they really are and what their purpose is.

I now offer group settings to support this journey, open to both women and men.  While I am still experimenting with how we use our time together, the hour involves a combination of silent meditation and guided and supported healing work, as well as occasional sharing through talk.

If you would like to be in one of these groups, or want more information, please contact me. I am available to help pre-existing groups as well.