1. What does an intuitive healer do?

In a consultation, Joanna uses intuitive perception to obtain information about a client, place, or situation that is not apparent at the surface level. She clears out stuck energy. She energetically facilitates integration of spirit, body, and mind.

Through groups, consultations, and all her work, she offers tools for developing intuitive awareness.

2. What is intuition?

Intuition is a form of perception available to everyone, a way of getting information about the world around us independent of the five physical senses. Intuition often yields information about unseen phenomena, such as emotions, intentions, or a bigger truth about any situation (such as inexplicable optimism or danger).

Some personality types have a greater natural facility for it, just as some people are gifted engineers or musicians. Anyone may practice developing their innate intuition, simply by listening to one’s “inner voice.” It takes practice to sort out good intuitive information vs. subconscious fears.

3. What is the use of intuition?

Intuition allows one to access all kinds of extremely useful information that is otherwise hidden. Like imagination and prayer, intuition taps into the realm of spirit, or energy, which is different than the material world that we perceive with our eyes. We can gain information about our life path, about relationships, about our body’s or spirit’s needs, and listen to the wise voice of our higher self.

There is an unlimited pool of information collectively available via intuition, beyond what we can access with our rational minds.

5. Can Joanna predict the future?

It is not possible to predict the future with any certainty. The future depends on choices we make in the present. It is possible to guess what may happen if we continue on the same track we are currently on, but in fact, we are creating our future at every moment.

6. Is Joanna under the influence or control of any spirits?

Absolutely not. She maintains strict energy boundaries. While she sometimes communicates with helpful spirits in readings, she is always in complete control of herself. She is always fully present; she does not go into any kind of a trance. Although some intuitives have used these methods, she finds that they are not necessary or advisable. Such practices can be very unhealthy.

7.  How did she get her intuitive ability?

Joanna has always been a very intuitive person, but did not really understand how to access and use her intuition until she was about 29. At that point, she took classes for several years with Colin Chipps of the Lexington Psychic Academy. These classes gave her the basic orientation and tools to perceive and move energy in the aura.

She has continued to develop her intuition through personal work since then. The longer one does it, the easier it becomes.

8. Does she perceive auras or intuitive information about people as she is walking down the street or talking to someone?

No. She has to intend to get intuitive information. She never looks at people’s auras without permission, unless it is necessary for helping a client or necessary in her own personal life.

9. What is the aura?

The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body. It is not visible to the naked eye, but scientific instruments can pick it up, just as with other “invisible” forms of energy, such as heat.

10. What is the purpose of Joanna’s work?

Her goal is to offer healing and support to anyone who comes to her. Each person has a unique path of service in the world, and the lifelong (healing/spiritual) journey toward greater wholeness allows a person to blossom into his/her full radiant power. When this happens, a person’s very being is a blessing to the world.

The purpose of Joanna’s work is to support this journey of healing and integration.

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