Healing Paradigm

True healing is self-healing, in that the client must be ready to change and actively embrace new patterns of being. The goal of Joanna’s intuitive work is to offer assistance on the healing path, by giving information and tools to support the client’s journey to wholeness.

Joanna brings her own years of experience and wisdom, which are useful in helping her understand what she is seeing intuitively. She is not a counselor, however, and is more a resource for the client’s own healing journey than an ongoing partner in it. Her work can be a very useful supplement to therapy work with a counselor.


For intuitive work to be safe and effective, strong grounding is essential. Joanna sets up and maintains protective grounding throughout the session, for herself, the client, and the room.  Joanna is fully present and alert throughout the reading: she does not enter a trance state.

Energy Boundaries

An optimally healthy aura is filled up with one’s own energy, rather than others’. Joanna gives close attention to making sure her energy and the client’s stay separate. She does not engage in the practice of allowing other entities into her space to gain information (mediumship).

Frequently clients hold other people’s energy in their aura. Joanna will gather information from those energies, then release them from the client’s space. She also gives information on maintaining energy boundaries, to assist the client in creating a stronger protected aura.


Joanna monitors the client’s energetic receptivity throughout the session. As soon as a client has reached the limit of what she or he can take in that day, the session is brought to a close.

Joanna only releases blocked energy in the client’s aura as needed to access information for them. Since energy often returns to its old patterns, she brings the blocked energy to the client’s attention and suggests ongoing practices the client can use to permanently release the energy.

Prioritization of Information

While specific queries can often be answered, Joanna gives priority to whatever needs and information presents themselves in the client’s aura or at spirit-level as most important.


She maintains complete confidentiality in regard to any information given or received in a session.