What is an Energy Healing Session Like?

Before Christ left earth, he said, “I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these. . . .”

(John 14:12, NRSV)

heart rainbow

We have entered a time when seemingly-miraculous energy healing is more possible than ever, with the earth and its residents shifting into a higher level of consciousness and perception. Joanna Juzwik is a “heart healer,” which means that the power of her work depends entirely on her ability to be a clear channel for the flow of unconditional, divine love. This opens a door for the client to come back into harmony with her/himself.

Healing sessions last one hour, and are directed toward a specific physical, emotional, or relational complaint that the client brings. This can be anything, from high blood pressure to anxiety to childhood trauma. While the client lies in deep rest on the table, Joanna silently communicates with a client’s “Inner Healer” and spirit to discover the root of the illness. She invites the body’s innate healing capacity to engage, and seeks to remove whatever barriers are preventing the body from healing itself. If the client’s spirit and body give her permission to do so, she lays her hands on specific areas of the body to clear toxic energy out and brings additional healing energies in.

What results can a client expect from these healing sessions? It is important to understand that our higher selves have a purpose for each illness: it is there to tell us something essential about ourselves. Often this means examining the ways we are living and deep patterns or problematic beliefs about ourselves and the world. Illness is our body’s last-ditch plea for change, when we have ignored the subtler signs leading up to it.

Joanna’s work provides healing at a deep level. Sometimes this results in a dissipation of physical symptoms after a few sessions, but it often takes longer. The healing process is complex, and the body needs time to shift. After Joanna gets to the root of the illness, then the body has the green light to begin to heal itself. Clients continue to seek out whatever additional physical care they need to support their body through the healing process.

At the end of a session, Joanna gives the client an outline of what she saw and did, along with specific “homework.” Clients may come for sessions either occasionally as needed, or for regular weekly sessions, depending on the severity of their condition and the point they are at in their healing journey.

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