Energy Healing & Protocol

Energy Healing. Energy healing works with the human energy field. Our bodies and spirits are formed around an energy template. When something goes wrong, the template needs to be mended. Then our natural healing system can do the rest, plus doctors and hospitals as needed. Joanna’s work rises from a deep and respectful understanding of how our healing system works. Energy work heals problems at their root, rather than just fixing or medicating the symptoms. Energy healing is a simple, non-invasive way to resolve many problems that block our ability to enjoy life. At Dragons Roost, Joanna walks people through doing their own energy work, with her additional help as needed.

Joanna’s Methodology. Joanna received certification in 2005 from the Lexington Psychic Institute after completing its two-year Clairvoyant Training Program. LPI teaches the methodology established in 1973 by Lewis Bostwick and the Berkeley Psychic Institute, a 40-year-old organization which is grounded in the positive aspects of Christianity. The program teaches well-grounded expanded perception as well as rigorous protocol for energy healing. 

Joanna’s training and practice is much more in-depth and safer than many methods, including Reiki, which certifies practitioners after several weekend courses. Her own experience backs up LPI’s core commitment to constant personal growth and self-healing to keep an energy healer in “right relationship.” Energy healing and expanded perception are tricky areas, requiring stronger protocol than many training programs offer. She recommends extreme caution in working with any holistic practitioners who have not had a similar foundation. This is even more essential for people who have had trauma in their past, whose energy boundaries are already compromised.