Healing Centers

Vision and Strategy:

Joanna’s healing work hinges on one principle: if people learn to listen to their Inner Guide (the voice of Spirit within each of us) and follow its leading, they will be able to heal themselves completely, with support and guidance. To sustain healing, we must also change society so that it supports wholeness. Change starts right here: first, inside of ourselves, and secondly within the communities we build in our lives. Joanna’s work addresses all levels.

Because this principle is so simple and because the work is cutting edge–therefore constantly evolving–it does not easily fit into standard fee systems. Her work requires a flexible schedule, low operational costs and living simply, so that she can remain available to Spirit’s leading and planet-wide healing work. This is true also of other healers on the team. We are healers by calling, not by profession. Our goal is to be able to freely do and share the work we are called to do. Ideally, the healing work will be funded by other sources, such as donations and creative work.

New Heart Healing Center in Downtown Berea

This will be a high-vibrational healing and sanctuary space, where people can come and use available resources to do their own healing work and get help when needed. We will offer teaching and group healing sessions here as well. Needed: 1000+ sq. ft., ideally with attached apartment(s).  Visit the healing center website.

Dragons Roost

This is a quiet, wooded, rural setting where people can sink more deeply into a healing zone, with features such as mineral soak tubs, energy and healing work, organic food production, and attention to natural skin and hair care and rejuvenation (these are essential to keep the body and energy field in good health). Needed: Money and labor to purchase, renovate, and add on to the 15 acres that was formerly an intentional community near Berea.


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