The End of the Battle between Light and Dark

Over the last year I have spent a lot of time combating and containing what I call dark beings. These are entities that exist in energy/spirit form, not in body, that have a tremendous affect on us globally. Each of them seems to be associated with a particular nasty pattern, such as victim-consciousness, sexual abuse, the negative feminine, the negative masculine, and so on. These don’t have to be called “dark beings.” Just as we are, these are distinct energy configurations that have gained their own degree of conscious existence. In some instances, they have come from other places in the universe in an attempt to control what happens on Earth (via enslavement and blinding vision); in other instances, our ignorance (= refusal to see clearly) has invited/created them, such as when we bombed Hiroshima, or how we allow slavery to continue. You might say that to the extent we have refused to take deep responsibility for ourselves (every action, thought, and emotion), WE HAVE CREATED THESE MONSTERS which we handily like to blame for things on Earth (For example, Satan, the father/mother archetype, the witch, and so on).

In the last two months, my own personal evolution and understanding (buoyed by the  ascending Earth) has brought me a place where I can see that this planet will never heal as long as we uphold this illusion of duality. If we conceive of what is happening as a battle between light and dark, there is always going to be a loser, and the cycle will endlessly perpetuate: sometimes light will “win” and sometimes “dark.” However, we can choose to open our eyes wider and see that ALL energy is Source energy; every bit of energy is God/Creator. The darkest energies have just forgotten who they are to a more extreme degree (and thus need greater healing).

I knew things had changed when I encountered one of the most powerful dark beings yet a month ago (in someone’s space). When I went to draw my spirit-tools—sword and staff—I couldn’t use them. Instead, I headed straight up to the being and offered it Love. Literally, I connected its heart to the energy frequency of love. Love awakens us; it reminds us that we are connected to all that is, that we are loved, and we are LOVE.

If we want to heal the world, we must not refuse love to anyone. Rather, we must extravagantly scatter love everywhere we go. As some of us raise our energy vibration (consciousness) higher and higher, this is also a good protection from those who would try to drain off our energy to fuel their own systems. Love/Creation/Source energy is abundant and unlimited. We can channel it without having our own energy depleted in any way.

Dark beings always gobble up Love energy. They need fuel to survive, and up ’til now, they have thrived on negative human emotions of fear and chaos (etc.). Turns out there’s a better fuel with a renewable source. Since I’ve switched methods, I’ve never had a single dark entity turn down Love. It doesn’t change them instantly, but it begins a process of transformation that will eventually reunite them with Source–bring them to fuller consciousness. And it gradually gets rid of the “bad guys” on the planet by raising their energy too.

It’s funny: I now feel like I am holding space for all Creation to heal (= come into wholeness), “light” and “dark” alike. And there’s really no difference. The difference is that I’ve lost my fear. How/why have I lost my fear? I’ve come to a place in my journey of understanding/perception where I can see that absolutely nothing can have power over me unless I allow it. I used to know this with my mind; now I live it. Fear blinds, whereas “perfect love drives out fear” as well as blindness. Love seems to be the deepest, truest name for reality—Source energy/God/All that is.

To do this kind of transformational work with dark beings, I do think you have to be in a pretty solid place personally, having reclaimed most of your power and sealed off 99% of your power leaks. At the very least, have a pattern of eagerness to find out and stop any power leaks (which means to think it’s the best thing in the world when someone calls you out on something!). If you are not in such a solid centered place, they can and will push all your buttons—call forth every little nasty pattern you have that you haven’t yet brought into consciousness. And until you reclaim all those patterns, dark beings CAN control you—through your own blind spots. They will reach/work through you to get at others. That’s exactly what they do, that’s all they do. And they only have power as long as you are unwilling to see (yourself) clearly.

So, tread carefully in these waters! But, please, let’s put to rest the “us-them” mentality that has left Earth a war-zone for many millennia. The only true fight is that of self-mastery: consciousness versus refusal to awaken. A good metaphor is sight. Once you see something clearly, it can no longer be of the dark. Your sight brings the light. If you refuse to open your eyes, then yeah, you will stay in the dark. And that is what you will co-create. If you open your eyes, you will grow and grow and grow, until you beam radiance out to the whole universe!

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Why Touch Can Heal, and How Love Factors Into It

As my energy healing work has developed, I find that I am less frequently moving energy in a client’s aura. Increasingly, I have shifted into holding deep, safe space for their bodies and spirits. What this allows is the body’s natural healing system (what I often term the “inner healer”) to kick in. I do a fair amount of work inviting the inner healer to get to work. The invitation works because I am holding safe space for the body and spirit.

What I have come to believe from observation is that the body is not particularly interested in healing itself if it does not feel that it will get the love and care it needs to sustain a healing. To get to the root of an issue, then, we must listen to the spirit also and take a look at the energy field to find the underlying blockage that is causing the physical or emotional problem.

At this moment in our culture, most of the work I do is crisis work, trying to get people back to a healthy baseline. Let’s imagine a world in which societal systems support complete health of body, mind, spirit, and psyche—in which our systems could maintain themselves indefinitely just by our built-in healing capacity.

One of the essential tools to maintain health in this ideal society would simply be touch. To explain why, it is necessary to understand our basic needs. Our bodies and spirits are both somewhat like children in their outlook. If they are threatened or neglected, they respond as children would. Our bodies and spirits do not have the “whole picture” of a situation. They need the same kind of care a child needs. They let us know their needs via emotions. Our minds can then choose to heed the emotions and respond, just as we would when a baby cries for out attention.

So, just as touch is essential in comforting a child, so it is essential in comforting adults and teens, because our bodies and spirits don’t exactly “grow up.” I can imagine a civilization in which excellent care is taken of bodies and spirits, and this would result in bodies and spirits functioning far beyond what we now expect of them. But let’s stay in present reality. Many of us have a deep and painful deficit of touch from childhood, when we didn’t get as much comforting, soothing touch as we needed. Those of us in this category need intensive amounts of healing touch (and I mean touch offered in genuine love, which can be different than “professional” touch)—perhaps for several weeks, or even several months. Once we fill up the gaping hole from that deficit, we will then need less for ongoing maintenance.

To understand the significance of touch, we must also understand the relationship between spirit and body in healing. This gets into triage (determining priority of healing). The body’s needs really should be met immediately. If the body is in crisis, everything else should be dropped to take care of the body. When the spirit is in crisis, you’ve got a little more time. You can negotiate with your spirit. For example, if you are in a job that is “killing” your spirit, as long as you HEAR what your spirit is telling you (“Get out of this job!”), you can buy some time. You can take steps toward leaving the job; you can even bargain with your spirit (“Ok, I need to stay in this job for one more year; what can I do to offset its toll on you?”) But then you’ve got to follow through and really make the change your spirit needs.

The spirit feels responsible for the body. It serves to protect the body. If someone is in the midst of chronic medical crisis, their spirit is probably completely exhausted. I’ve had clients with cancer lie on my table, and as soon as I let their spirit know that I will receive responsibility for body-care for the hour, their spirit falls into deep rejuvenating “sleep.” (One contributor to their crisis is the toll exacted on the spirit by the medical system’s lack of love.) So, if the body is in crisis, you can bet the spirit will be as well if the body is not tended.

Inversely, as for the body, it will “bleed out” anywhere the spirit is suffering. You cannot heal the body without healing the spirit. Thus our medical system is not particularly effective in the long-run, to the extent that people often feel worse emotionally and spiritually in leaving the hospital than when they arrived.

Healers have a remarkable opportunity to heal the spirit as well as the body. It is rather stunning that this is so purposely avoided in our medical system. Professional medical “ethics” serve to keep healers removed from their clients: to withhold what their clients’ spirits need as much as medicine or surgery: LOVE. Genuine, unconditional, no-strings-attached love.

What healing touch does for the body is that it makes it feel SAFE. Touch lets the body know that it is receiving care, which helps it relax. When it relaxes, then healing energy at least has the chance to flow. Added to that, what makes the spirit feel safe is freely-offered, unconditional love. So if you put these two together—loving touch—then you’ve got a shot at actual healing. When the body and spirit feel completely safe, the body will begin to heal itself.

Therefore any of us can aid each other’s healing processes tremendously by simply offering touch. Fortunately we don’t have to wait for an ideal society to implement this tool. At any informal social gatherings among friends and family, there can be an exchange of touch happening. Maybe someone needs a back rub. Maybe someone needs to be held or rocked for 10 minutes (yes, including adults). Maybe someone needs to hold hands. Maybe someone needs their hair brushed or stroked. Just sitting with your arm around someone gives significant comfort and a sense of belonging.

What goes around comes around: offering touch can be as wonderful as receiving touch. It really should not be a one-way relationship; attention should be given so that everyone is getting and giving touch over, say, the course of a week or even a long evening. The more we learn to listen to our bodies and spirits, the easier it will get to know what kind of touch we need, and to be able to ask for it specifically. We may also get better at sensing when someone else needs touch even before they ask, and offering.

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Energy Antibiotics

I read Starhawk’s The Fifth Sacred Thing a while back. One of the key ideas that stuck with me from the novel was healing by destroying the “energy signature” of the organism. She shapes it up as doing combat with the bug, which is not exactly how I see it.

I offer healing to any entity or being that presents itself to me for healing. This includes the most “evil” of spirits and the most deadly of viruses. If a person is sick with a “bug”–either virus, bacteria, or parasite–I remove the energy from their space, just as I remove a person’s energy who is intruding into a client’s space. I believe that this has a similar effect to taking an antibiotic, only without the damaging side-effects of our medicinal antibiotics. Once the live energy is removed, the body is left with a clean-up job, but no longer has to fight off an intruder.

The principle underlying this is that our systems are fundamentally comprised of energy. Our bodies are formed around a pre-existing energy template. That is why one must address the energetic cause to get at the root of physical illness. So, to get rid of a “bug,” its live energy must first be removed, then its “dead” cellular structure can be swept out by our body’s healing system.

(These are such primitive words to put on this incredible reality, but it’s the best I/we can do for now!)

Science has already provided us with an understanding that “everything is energy,” so it is hardly a stretch to see that this will revolutionize our medical practices. This kind of solves the problem of our antibiotics going defunct, eh? Energy healing is beautifully non-invasive and very very precise in its focus. Many healers are offering intuitive diagnosis, which has the potential to be about a million times more accurate and fast than our current primitive diagnostic tools.

The Role of Desperation

When the body gets sick, it is the last call for help. It means healing has not happened at the mental or spiritual/energy levels, and finally is settling into the body, saying to the person’s energy system: “You cannot go about life as usual until you heal this.” I find that typically a serious sickness or injury means that a BIG change is needed at some level in the person’s life: ending a job or relationship, or changing a major belief pattern that has been ruling/ruining their life.

I like being a “last resort” for people whom the western medical system has not been able to truly heal. Being a last resort often means that people are finally desperate enough to actually change. Typically, we continue on with our same old patterns as long as we can, given the scariness of venturing into new and unknown ways, and the scariness of facing our inner demons instead of fleeing before them. We often need a big jolt to find the courage to really change.

Layers of the Aura and Dimensions

I do not work by any particular system. I have recently re-read Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light,” which I find very helpful. I believe that every “system” that defines layers of the aura is simply a useful metaphor. I don’t think that some are right and some are wrong. Therefore, I don’t have definitive labels for the layers/aspects I am working on. I can do the work, but talking about it remains tricky.

Most recently, I have come to an understanding of the layers of the aura as corresponding to dimensions. I also believe that terms such as “the new earth” and “ascension” are metaphors for opening our doors of perception wider, so that we can see into dimensions that have always existed here and now, but that we have been blind to.

I read recently online the claim that the earth itself has moved into the fourth dimension. I don’t know exactly what this means, but I’d say at least, I believe that we are now more easily able to perceive the fourth dimension, and I do feel that fourth dimension healing energies are more readily at our fingertips. Actually, I believe that since the shift toward the end of 2012, healing (and change) is now possible in ways that it was not before. My work is part of this flow, and I suspect many other energy healers will be stepping forward.

The purpose of energy healing

The purpose of energy healing is to bring you into greater wholeness within yourself and in your relationship to the great interconnected web of energy that is Life. We are all parts of one great organism, one great harmony.

pink water lily

Your physical illness is a vital clue about what needs to happen to bring your personal energy system into greater harmony (= heal). When we suffer, not only do we need relief from the pain, but we need to have some questions answered about why we got sick. What are our bodies are trying so hard to tell us? Physical illness is your energy system’s last resort: a full-fledged BELLOW to get your attention.

Physical illness is always your body or spirit asking for a change in how you are living. Whether it be a big or a small change, it is a problem that can be solved—IF YOU CHOOSE TO RESPOND. There is always hope! Our bodies are capable of profound healing far beyond the mind’s grasp.

Western medical systems, in all their brilliance, have not yet found a good way to listen deeply for what the body is shouting at you, for what change it is gasping.

Fortunately, intuitive perception (= deeper listening) can fill this gap with a mercifully light touch. Energy healing begins with simply naming the deeper need: bringing it into consciousness. Following this identification, many paths to healing are possible. It is essential to identify the source of the problem, however, or the many paths will not result in complete healing.

healing hand 1

The human energy system works like this: The body is formed by and on an energy template. Blocks or tears in the energy flow will eventually lead to physical problems if not mended. Energy healing offers mending at the energy template level. Once this occurs, the body’s natural healing processes start working to resolve the physical issue. Additional healing practices are often needed in this phase to support the body as it heals, running the gamut from a simple exercise program to surgery.

In my energy healing work, I cannot promise you complete physical recovery. I will listen deeply to your body and spirit, and hold a safe space for your healing process. I can promise you that my work will restore wholeness in your energy system at a deep level, and set the stage for a complete physical healing, if you have the faith and courage to undertake the required journey, and if your soul has learned what it set out to learn from the illness.

We often hold on to physical illnesses at a deeper level because we are still learning a needed lesson in our soul’s journey. These are choices made by our soul that should be honored, so that we can fulfill our purpose in this lifetime. Our souls have a much broader perspective on this lifetime than do our minds.

Whatever stage you are at in health and illness, there is much to be discovered and much that can be done. Do not despair!