September Newsletter

Greetings all.. I have some exciting news to share.

The New Earth Healing Center is finally opening! It will be rooted at my place by Owsley Fork Reservoir (Turtle Island Farm and Healing Community), with an adjunct town location to be added when space emerges. The country location offers the incredible benefit of surrounding woods and lake, an adobe sweat lodge, a ceremonial fire pit, and a beautiful timber frame, straw bale house built of all-natural materials. We open with two healers on staff, myself and Henry Smith.

While I am still very much available for occasional appointments, the focus of my work has shifted toward helping people who are ready to seriously engage with the healing process at all levels—body, mind, spirit, emotions. This requires more frequent, ongoing energy work, bodywork, and communal support. This is exactly what the New Earth Healing Center is set up for.

For people engaged in ongoing work with us, we will be offering open center hours a couple days a week for teaching, communal support, individual healing sessions, ceremonies, and much more! If you are making a sustained commitment to your healing process, you can find out more here.

Money and Other Resources. I have finally landed on my feet with payment questions, stepping outside the system of charging set fees. I now ask people to discern what contribution their Inner Guide or Spirit prompts them to make for work received. The work is not “free” nor is this the old “optional donations” mode; rather it is a way that consciously acknowledges the many levels of exchange happening in this community, as well as an opportunity to practice listening to your Inner Guide. If money contributions are made, I request cash only, to avoid unnecessary entanglement in the banking system. This flow of resources and discernment is also how the center is run. You can read more here about why this is so important.

Email List. If you would like to continue receiving these regular updates on my work, please click on the “Email Subscription” button to your left. The website service allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe easily.

I hope to see some of you soon, at the center. I love it how my clients always seem to know when the right time to come is: keep trusting your Inner Guide! You can check out the new website here:



July Newsletter

Dear friends and clients,

Photo by Henry Smith
Photo by Henry Smith

Greetings! I wonder how you each are. It is always a delight to get to see some of you out and about or returning for sessions. I hope that the awakening radiating through Earth is gently opening your sight to your own beauty and power.

With the closing of Rosegold Cottage, I have been continuing to see clients in Berea, working both alone as well as collaboratively with Henry Smith. We have witnessed some miraculous breakthroughs. I have continued to prepare for the two healing centers, doing what I can, then turning the rest over to Spirit, waiting for the right time.

Since I moved back to the house I co-built just outside Berea, I have been able to make some phenomenal progress in my work helping to support Earth’s awakening. She is indeed coming into her full empowerment like we have never before seen!

My unwavering commitment to reclaim the Earth’s power for herself (as for all her life forms) has required an unwavering commitment to clean myself up. As you all know, we can have no true power to create the external world until we have committed to the inner path of reclaiming our own true essence and setting our feet on the path uniquely our own. (I recently got a succinct understanding that it is our faults that provide a map to reclaiming our power. Our “faults” are inconvenient gifts that show us all the places we are leaking away our power, through codependent relationship, complaining, blaming others, staying in situations we know we should leave, and so on.)

I have been doing this self-healing and integrating work for many years, and I currently look and feel younger than I have in many years, and my body and energy flow are in better shape than they have been for many many lifetimes. I have come back from near-complete thyroid failure 5 years ago and chronic digestive trouble; I have been off all medications and supplements for over a year now. The past few months have yielded significant progress on letting go of negative emotions and anxiety—some of the trickiest stuff to heal! I share all of this to offer hope as well as to back up my belief that complete healing is possible for anyone willing to commit to the journey.

The past two years I have had the incredible blessing of having the gifted support of my colleague, intuitive healer and bodyworker Henry Smith. From his background as an EMT and training in various traditional healing ways, he has taught me much on how to incorporate the body in energy healing work. The combination of the focus I have brought to my self-healing, as well as getting bodywork from Henry up to several times a week for the past two years, has landed me in the amazing place of coming into complete physical alignment. As we have jointly worked toward this watershed moment, Henry and I both have learned much about healing, and everything we have done has established a template that others seeking healing will be able to plug into. I am already seeing that healing is happening infinitely faster than it used to with clients.  A recent hour-long session yielded a breakthrough that would have taken five years previously.

Not only are we blazing a trail, but anytime someone achieves this level of integration, it begins to help the entire planet heal and evolve. The same dark forces operating out there are those that operate within ourselves. So our authority over external problems is dependent on conquering them internally.  Change in the world starts inside each of us. Because of this reality, I have therefore been in the position of doing some remarkable work preparing the planet for her moment of great awakening

I am currently called to put what I have learned into writing—brief chapters or pamphlets on various topics such as: What’s up with Planet Earth?, Power, Relationships, Emotions, Love, Community, Separation and Oneness, Rules for the New Earth, Gods Goddesses and Demons, How to Heal Yourself, Evolved Perception, Nurturing Your Spirit, The Nature of Existence, and Reforming Social Systems. I have come to realize that I can offer healing to others til I’m “blue in the face,” but an essential precursor to healing is having a new story about what’s going on in the world and oneself. We are surrounded by so many false premises, that few of us have any kind of accurate picture of who we are and how to become more whole and happy. I aim to get my writing out in both pamphlet form as well as all combined into a book, eventually.

I continue to invite all of you to support the presence of this healing work in this area by spreading the word that I am seeking loan-free space to start a center in downtown Berea, as well as funds for purchasing the Turtle Island Community acreage out where I live. Additionally, if you feel you will benefit from having access to my knowledge and wisdom in written form, please consider making a donation to help me pay bills this month or two as I focus in on writing. You can do so online here, or via mail to 260 Radford Hollow Rd., Berea 40403.

I send a shower of light and blessings to each of you. Please know that it is very very possible to come into greater peace, happiness, wholeness, and physical well-being. It is becoming more and more possible, and the universe itself holds this constant loving intention for you! Keep at the journey to greater awareness, and know that even when it feels lonely, there will be a time when all your quiet inner work is honored, and we celebrate as a community. The darkness pushes hard on us, but the deepest reality is our Oneness in Source (love), and guess what: reality always wins!


Joanna Juzwik

January Newsletter

Dear clients and friends,

Happy New Year! It has been just a month since I sent my last update, but things change fast around here, and I want to keep you all in the loop.

Open Healing Hours have outgrown Rosegold Cottage. This drop-in, collaborative format has very helpfully put the finishing touches on my vision for a healing center(s). I will host Open Healing Hours at Rosegold through the end of January. As of February 1, they will continue in a new space or be on hold until a new space emerges. I will be continuing private sessions at Rosegold.

What I am creating is a multi-faceted set-up that provides consistent, accessible space and resources for healing for anyone interested.  My knowledge and experience have taken me to the roots of healing, and I want to share this. I do not believe that suffering is a necessary part of life anymore, and I finally have the understanding and methodology in place to make wholeness at all levels an accessible path to greater numbers of people. We are in pioneering territory here, relying on the core principle that if people learn to listen to their Inner Guide (the voice of Spirit within each of us) and follow its leading, they will be able to heal completely, with support and guidance. This makes my job a lot easier.

Here’s the plan:

(1) Healing Center in Downtown Berea

This will be a high-vibrational healing and sanctuary space, where people can come and use available resources to do their own healing work, connect with others, and get help when needed from various healers. We will offer teaching and group events here.

(2) Residential Healing Center and Spa

This is a quiet, wooded, rural setting where people will be able to sink more deeply into a healing zone, with features such as mineral soak tubs, organic food, energy and body work, and attention to natural skin and hair care (these are surprisingly essential to keep the body and energy field in good health). Just 7 miles east of Berea, next to Owsley Fork Lake, this 15 acres was initially established as the Egrets’ Cove Community.

(3) Written Material and Body Care Supplies

As soon as funding allows, I will be putting into writing (brief, pamphlet form) what I have learned about healing, which will form the foundation for my teaching work and do-it-yourself healing, at both centers.

My colleague Henry Smith has been developing high-vibration skin and hair care products over the past year, for use at the spa. When funding emerges for developing these on a bigger scale, he will be working towards making these available to all who come. Henry is also assembling his knowledge about healing work and body processes into a teachable format.

To be able to offer my work at this scale to the public while standing by my calling to do the work Spirit leads me to, these spaces and projects must be donated or funded by the community, at least for start-up. If you feel called to be involved in some way or have a space in town to offer, please be in touch! For more information, visit the Current Projects page.







December Newsletter

Dear friends and clients,stock_polar_bear_stock_by_silentspook-d47hn4j

Happy December to you all! I hope this finds each of you well. My work at Rosegold Cottage continues to evolve, and I wanted to send out a brief update.

I have continued to seek and refine the best ways to really help people heal and grow on their paths. This year I’ve tried workshops, discussion-type groups, 24/7 crisis care, and clinic-style open healing hours, along with continuing private sessions. Several coworkers and I had a great time with the drop-in healing tent at Berea’s First Friday events– bringing holistic healing (and the energy frequency of love!) to downtown Berea. I continue to keep my eyes open for a bigger space so as to be able to host more group events: this process is unfolding in Spirit’s timing fortunately, waiting for the right thing.

One of the more exciting recent developments began with a personal breakthrough. I have always known that both my power and limitations as a healer are based on my own degree of wholeness and self-awareness. So I am always dancing or slogging along on my own healing journey. I recently made a significant breakthrough with one of my most deeply-rooted problematic patterns—that of trying to take responsibility for others and “fix” people’s problems for them. It had been wreaking havoc in my third chakra, causing anxiety and drama in my life.

As I let go this pattern, I began to see that I needed to make a slight shift in the way I did my healing work. Ultimately lasting healing must come from within, not from an external source (me, in this case). The key to healing is in the hands of your inner healer. Your inner healer knows exactly what steps to take and order of priority. So I am focusing more intensively on activating the inner healer, and connecting people with their own intuitive awareness of what they need to do to heal and grow.

Putting all this together at a deep level has birthed some new practices here at Rosegold, integrating teaching and healing. Open healing hours are now a cottage-wide space for people to come and, with some guidance, settle into a deep inner healing space on your own. Within this space you can activate your inner healer, get familiar with the voice of Spirit within yourself (your inner guide), do what you can on your own, and call on the staff of healers for specific help as needed. Already, having everyone present helping to hold an intentional healing space has changed the feel of the cottage from a clinic with waiting rooms to that of a healing sanctuary. When you step into the space, you feel it!

Healers on staff continue to provide a mix of energetic and physical help. Hours remain Tuesdays 2-5 and Fridays 2-6. Cost is still $50/month for unlimited visits or $40/visit. Or call me if you want to schedule a private session ($60/hour).

I am very grateful to be at this point of honing in closer and closer on a healing process that gives lifelong tools and benefit, rather than an ongoing reliance solely on sessions (although support is very important!). I appreciate the good feedback many of you have given me to help modify my methods.

May the holidays bring outrageous amounts of joy and grace your way! Be in touch if you need support.


August Newsletter

Over the course of my four years in professional healing work, and the ten years before that it took to get myself in better shape, I have come to believe that we are capable of achieving a much higher level of health and happiness than most of us suspect. I believe that a will to come into greater wholeness is all that is truly necessary—accompanied by tenacity, courage, and a willingness to change any and all patterns that hold us back. It is very, very hard to follow this path alone: our culture is not set up toward making us whole beings.

My healing work has deepened and shifted as I have grown in understanding. In some ways, I feel that to create an atmosphere in which people can truly come into wholeness and be supported, we have to create a miniature version of a better society. One in which unconditional love, with honesty, in relationships is the foundation. Our everyday relationships are the building blocks for a life that is healthy in body, mind, spirit, and emotions. They give us the clues we may be missing about areas in ourselves that need healing work: they point us to self-awareness. As we break through the most difficult relational problems, we are set free into love and into being our true selves at all moments. This is the foundation for physical health.

We need support from more than one person, as well as communal events that raise our inner fire (joy) enough to help us clear the hurdles of growth. We need guidance and collective wisdom at key points, yet we are no longer in the age of gurus, with their hierarchical systems. Each of us must listen to our Inner Guide—our connection to Spirit—for authority, and both accept and offer teaching to and from others. No one has all the answers: no one should ever dictate another’s path.

So it becomes increasingly complex to do my work well! I need you all, and I need a solid base from which to work and set up this kind of “healing” environment. Rosegold Cottage has served its purpose in gathering together a diverse and talented community of folks already, some of whom have teaching to offer, while others have begun to work powerfully together as a team of healers. I am looking for a bigger house from which to work, that can accommodate larger gatherings and multiple spaces for healing work to happen, as well as some residential space. We hope to have several of us living in the space, to provide 24/7 care as well as to keep the healing energy of the space strong. (If you have a lead on such a space, or would like to contribute money for its purchase, please let me know.)

New Pathways for Healing

My test questions for my work are (1) Is it effective? And (2) Is it fun? These standards are leading me into new ways of offering healing work and spiritual journey support. My co-healers and I have noticed that our work is amplified profoundly when we work together. It is also extremely energizing for us to work together. So, twice a week for starters, we will be offering “Open Healing Hours,” with 2-4 of us present each time. We encourage you to stop by for work or a quick tune-up during these hours, no scheduling required. Hours for now are Tuesdays 2-5 and Fridays 2-6, beginning next week.

A second goal for the Open Healing Hours is to get people in for healing work more frequently. To make significant progress in healing—whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental—frequent sessions and support are essential. We hope this format will provide an easier way for you to do that.

The other adjustment I am making is shifting to a membership “subscription” format, much like you might have in a gym or a library. This should make our work more affordable for you all as well as help me with a budget. As those of you know who have worked with me or the other healers on my team, we are very committed to you, and we think this membership format better reflects the sense of mutual community that is the basis of our work.

Membership is always open. Non-members are welcome to check out events or come for a session anytime, to see if they want to get involved. You can unsubscribe at any time, though I ask that you commit for 6 months, to keep this a viable format.

Membership Options:

  • $25/month (per household): For those who want to attend events regularly, or just offer general support because you believe in what I am doing
  • $50/month (per adult; kids are included): For those who want unlimited healing work, whether via open healing hours or scheduled times, plus events.
  • Barter: For designated monthly work, such as regular cleaning, maintenance, event-leading, healing work, or other options.

You can sign up for automatic monthly payments on my website.

What does membership offer?

Open Healing Hours. We will be offering “drop-in” healing care two days a week for starters, much like the tent we’ve had at the last two First Friday events in Berea. We will have multiple healers on hand, so that you can benefit from different techniques and areas of expertise.

Scheduled Healing Sessions. I will continue to work with people on a scheduled basis as needed. Just call, text, or email to find a time!

Events. We will continue to offer a mix of talk (mind)-oriented events such as support circles, mini-workshops, and half-day workshops. We will also continue to expand spirit- and body-oriented events such as sweat lodges, dancing, drumming, and singing/toning events.

Please spread the word: feel free to forward this to friends. Gift memberships are also available.

July Newsletter

Greetings friends of Rosegold Cottage!

I’ve got exciting news. The work and supportive community that has gathered around Rosegold Cottage has expanded to the point I am looking for a bigger space. The work here has always been aimed toward being available to people whenever needed, and that requires a team of healers. The team has coalesced over these months, and so far includes:

  • Me: Intuitive healer—mind, body, spirit, and psyche (emotions)
  • Henry Smith: Traditional medicine man and medical intuitive
  • Andri Kukas: Massage and bodywork therapist and energy healer
  • Maria Stenger: Seer, teacher, and energy healer
  • An expanding roster of  folks offering teaching and healing foods

We believe that deep healing requires a supportive community as well as personal commitment to each other’s healing. Our professionalized medical system is only able to address body and mind, ignoring spirit and emotion. This leaves people “half-healed.” We believe that in the right setting and with a team of healers who understand the roots of wholeness, complete healing is actually possible in many situations (if a person is ready, and if it aligns with their higher self’s plan.)

Last night, our team of four healers made its first public showing at Berea’s fantastic First Friday event in Old Town. Our collaborative work is housed under the name Turtle Island Farm and Healing Community. Turtle Island is our vision of a network of drop-in and residential healing spaces (including a spa!) that will facilitate complete healing at all levels. We currently have several locations that the four of us work from.

We are looking for a place with 3-4 apartments and a sizeable open work and gathering space. It needs to be a harmonious and serene environment. If you have a lead on such a place in Berea, please contact me! We are also waiting for the right space and time to open up for the residential/spa setting.

If I or we can be of help to you, be in touch. And come find us at the next First Friday event! It was great to see some of you there.

June Newsletter

Greetings from Rosegold Cottage!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch. I hope you are thriving, and growing in interesting ways.

Rosegold Cottage has continued to open up new modes of work for me. This space is increasingly serving as a hub of support, co-learning, and healing work for a community of folks interested in growth and integration at all levels: mind, body, spirit, psyche.

I am enjoying doing collaborative sessions with a couple other healers (ask me about this if you are interested). We handled our first full-fledged post-trauma incident a few weeks ago, with amazing results. There is truly nowhere else people can get the kind of post-trauma care that they need, and that deep level of care opened up some remarkable healing.

A recent option I have been offering to folks, upon request, is a monthly fee of $300 for unlimited sessions. Obviously, I can only offer this to a couple people at a time! But it allows people who want to do intensive healing and growth work an affordable way to do so. I learned early on in my work that one hour a week often doesn’t cut it. And my desire is to be available as much as needed to those who have reached a significant point of growth (sometimes crisis) in their lives.

Crisis care continues to be free here, and I encourage you to consider coming whenever life or emotions feel overwhelming: that’s the best time to do healing work. Individual and collaborative sessions alike remain $60/hour (and if you can’t afford that, we’ll find a way to make it work).  Donations are always welcome too.

My work deepens all the time: it is challenging to explain all the levels I work at. On the surface, I am still doing a mix of energy healing and intuitive insight in sessions—typically talking as I work, while clients can relax into a deeper state for healing on the table.

Please be in touch if I can help you in any of these ways. Below is a list I recently compiled of the areas people most often request work in.

May blessings light your way this summer!

April Newsletter

Greetings from Rosegold Cottage!

I hope each of you is thriving in this glorious spring weather. I have been profoundly appreciating my presence in the heart of Berea, since my work depends so much on heart energy. My heart is indeed full with all the amazing, yet subtle things happening here at Rosegold Cottage.

I am beginning to see my dream of a healing support community become a reality, and a shared dream. A community of support is essential in sustaining any deep level of healing, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. And one person (me!) can never replace a community. The teaching circles and workshops I am starting up this month are inviting folks to be present here more often, to benefit from each other’s company and wisdom as well as my own work and presence. One coworker, Maria, has set up a lending library full of helpful books on healing, a phenomenal resource that I invite you all to take advantage of.

A key principle of this community and of my work is that you will find tremendous wisdom within yourself. We all have something to teach each other, no matter what stage we are at in the journey. The new workshop series is a tangible demonstration of this. These are one-hour workshops taught by people who are not necessarily professional healers, but who are sharing tools for the healing journey that have helped them along the way. And in this line of work, personal experience is worth a hundred times more than external accreditation.

This premise is at the heart of valuing the feminine—the way of inner knowing, inner authority, intuition. A core principle of the feminine archetype—which is weaving its way back into our world—is power with one another rather than power over one another. Sound like a good shift to make on this planet?

These principles were dramatically present in the first workshop, held this week. Maria Stenger shared the history, overview, and proper use of runes, an ancient system of wisdom. There have been plenty of times in history where such public teaching resulted in death. So many women seers and healers have been killed, in an attempt to suppress the feminine. This week, not only was the way of inner wisdom being taught, but Maria teaches and embodies the way of the feminine.

As Maria pointed out, true power lies in owning oneself and one’s power completely, NOT in being able to make others do things. It is easy to overlook feminine power, because it bears none of the trappings of masculine power, how we define power in this culture. Ultimately the runes and other tools serve as a mirror to help us know ourselves better, and thus claim our power more fully: stop the leaks. It is a different way of being in relationship with each other . . . and it’s about time!

So, Rosegold Cottage is growing and thriving in the ways it needs to be. It is still struggling to stay afloat financially, however, so if you are invested in seeing this powerful work grow, please consider making an ongoing monthly donation, for whatever amount you are able. (Click here to do so online.)

I hope you will join us for group or healing sessions. Or just be in touch! I remember each of my clients, and often wonder how things have unfolded since I last saw you.

February Newsletter

Greetings from Rosegold Cottage! February has brought me some interesting work and new opportunities. The Medicine Wheel and Inner Work teaching circles have provided a beautiful format for supportive community and learning. These will continue through the end of the year.

I would like to share four highlights from work I’ve done this month. I know that many of you are familiar with personal intuitive healing sessions with me, but perhaps not aware of the other areas of my work.

(1) House clearing and blessing: At a client’s request, I went through each room and the yard at their residence, finding and clearing any residual energies that did not belong there or were causing harm. I left the house with blessings and new intentions set for various rooms. At this house I also had the chance to do healing work and communication with three cats, which was delightful!

(2) Regular space clearing for a business: I have another arrangement with a client who owns a restaurant to come on a monthly basis to make sure the energy in the space stays in good order. It has been exciting watching the building get to the point of holding higher and higher energy, which also sets the foundation for the business itself to serve a higher purpose and carry out its mission more strongly. If you own a business that sees a lot of people come and go, this is an excellent thing to do.

(3) Healing sexual abuse trauma. I have recently been offering healing of sexual abuse traumas with a technique I learned in working through a past sexual abuse trauma in my own life. It is proving very powerful, if the client is at a point they are ready to confront and release that block of energy. Recent sexual abuse (or other) trauma is simpler to heal, although the emotional process takes whatever time it needs.

(4) Exorcism: I sense that the planet is shaking off a lot of the dark energies that have influenced it, in this time. I am running into and eliminating dark beings that hold collective influence over many of us, at least one a week, in healing sessions. To the degree that we have not brought all parts of ourselves into consciousness, we are vulnerable to influence from dark energies and the exertion of others’ wills over our actions. As soon as we are ready to claim our space more fully, these other energies lose their grip on us. It is nothing to fear, just a natural part of the healing process.

I urge you to let me know if I can be of help to you in any of these areas, or simply with offering healing support on your ongoing journey—for body, spirit, mind, or all three. Please recall that I am available 24 hrs. a day at Rosegold Cottage for crisis care. If you would like to make a donation to help keep this free service alive, click here.

I send blessings out to each of you. May spring rise inside of you even as it gently returns to the Earth.



December Newsletter

It has been a remarkable two months since moving into Rosegold Cottage. This has been a wonderful, quiet, and powerful location from which to offer my work. The house itself is already holding strong healing energy. My intuitive practice has transferred nicely here.

I have had seven people so far come for the crisis healing services of Rosegold Cottage. Several of these are people on an accelerated path to wholeness (out of choice and perseverance) who come regularly, and I have served as midwife for some phenomenal healing work. I observe that the level of healing depends both on a client’s readiness to heal as well as the degree of trust they hold in me. So I encourage you to come often and get to know me!

I have held several teaching and support groups at Rosegold Cottage. I will be making my writing available as another aid. I have also begun to work with a Native American medicine man to incorporate healing ceremony into this work.

I am enjoying my work tremendously. My own healing journey has accelerated remarkably in the last several months. I am understanding my purpose and claiming my power in ways I never could have imagined even a few months ago. I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunity to do the healing work I love, and to have the flexibility of schedule to continue seeking better ways to do so.

Please do consider offering financial support for the free and vital services I am providing to the community through Rosegold Cottage. It will be one of the best investments you ever make. Since I am not keen on frequent appeals for money, my preferred donation mode is committing to an automatic monthly donation on my website. Even $20/month is a significant support.

I leave you with a challenge for the new year:

Believe it or not, our dear planet is shaking off a lot of long-entrenched darkness these days. Deep and widespread change is happening, starting “below the surface.” These days, I am pulling an unprecedented number of dark energies out of clients’ space as well as out of places I work on.

The inner work we each do, day after day—toward greater self-awareness and integration of our shadow sides—has a profound impact on external reality, because of our interconnectedness. I encourage you to take this seriously in the coming year. Inner work (the journey to wholeness) is not hard to begin, but it does take courage. Emotions are your chief and most reliable guide. Consider making a commitment in this new year to listening to every emotion that rises in you. If it is negative, sit with it long enough to hear what your spirit is telling you. Is there an action you need to take? A relationship that needs to change? Words you need to say to someone? If the emotion is positive, do anything in your power to repeat whatever caused that joy as often as you can.

Our call is not to figure out how to “fix the world.” It is rather to come into enough self-knowledge so that we can live out our true purpose. Living out of true purpose and inner harmony places us squarely in the flow of universal harmony (“God’s will”) and all our actions will pack a far greater punch.

I send much love to you all. May you be showered with blessings and joy as we enter this new year!