Basic Methodology

Gathering Information. Joanna uses three basic methods to retrieve information: looking directly at the client’s aura, communicating at the spirit level, and accessing information from sources beyond the client.

(1) Examining the condition of the aura is often a key starting point. We accumulate energy blocks over our lifetimes, which show up in the aura. These blocks prevent the optimal flow of energy, and can lead to physical illness if they are not cleared. Our auras can also get damaged in daily living from a variety of sources, including negative energy from other people, drug use, surgery, automobile accidents, and so on. Another common aura problem is a weak spirit-body connection, which can cause difficulty sleeping, depression, low energy, and other problems.

(2) Spirit-level communication is another essential tool. One’s spirit typically knows exactly what it needs for healing, as well as where to start. This knowledge may not be shared by the conscious mind. So Joanna listens to the spirit, connects it with helpful information, and conducts mind-body-spirit integration in the process.

(3) She gleans more information as needed by using what seems to be a universally-available comprehensive database of information, accessible by intuitive perception, as well as asking spirit beings.

Clearing Energy. After gathering information and facilitating body-mind-spirit integration, Joanna clears out blocked energy as well as other people’s energy lodged in the client’s aura.