Awakening Intuition Monthly Discussion Group

Do you ever have intuitive flashes of knowing?

Do you perceive happenings and beings in the spirit realm?

Would you like to learn how to use your intuition more fully?

 Consciousness is rising on earth as we understand that our true nature is spirit, and come into a worldview of interconnectedness and greater wholeness. As it rises, we are able to perceive more of reality, including other dimensions. There’s a lot going on “below the surface” that shapes the course of our lives!

 Come join us for our monthly meeting to discuss, share, and learn about intuitive perception and the process of awakening to the spirit realm.

 If you have some fear about intuition and the spirit realm, know that both are natural phenomena backed by an increasing body of scientific exploration. This group is for people interested in using this perception for truth-seeking and healing. We will discuss “protocol” for intuitive exploration and learn some useful protective tools as well.

 If you are able, please consider bringing a $5-10 donation for space use and organizing time. If not, just come and contribute your blessing! All ages are welcome, if able to be present in a non-distracting way (ok to bring coloring materials, books, etc.)

Upcoming dates: Sunday, March 17 and April 14, 2:00-3:30, Location TBA