Joanna Juzwik is an Intuitive Healer and Natural Builder, whose work is rooted in central Kentucky. 

Her building work has focused on creating her home, location of the New Earth Healing Center. With the completion of that project in 2017, she is now available for consultation and contract work related to natural building. 

Joanna’s healing work is rooted in the energy field that is the matrix around which our bodies have formed, and which serves as the template for the physical body. This work gets at the root of any systemic problem you may be experiencing, from physical issues to emotional, relational, or spiritual problems. Once the root problem is healed in the energy field, your own system will begin to heal the symptomatic problems it has caused on the surface.

Joanna also specializes in healing trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which are often the root of substance abuse problems. She maintains a safe, talk-free (if desired) setting where your inner healer sets the pace for your healing process, and serves as safeguard that you only heal as much as you are ready to handle, so as not to be overwhelmed. Incidental and ongoing trauma may be caused by domestic or sexual abuse, law enforcement/EMT work, military service, and medical procedures. PTSD is very difficult, if not impossible, to heal through traditional behavioral treatment methods; energy field work is an essential tool in resetting a trauma victim’s system back to normal operation. After a traumatic incident, people may be in a state of dissocation/panic, since their spirit has left the body and won’t come back until convinced it is safe to do so. Joanna can mend this break in one session.

Joanna is completely committed to the belief and practice that healing should not require or cause further suffering; only relieve it. Energy field healing offers the wonderfully simple opportunity to clear problematic energy blocks out of one’s space without having to verbally or emotionally process the event that caused the block.

Office Location: Nurturing Birth and Wellness, 322 W. Water Street, Richmond, KY.  Parking is directly in front, and easily accessible.

Cost: $60 for a 45-90 minute session

**(if you can’t afford this, consider joining a teaching circle instead)**

Contact: You can call or text her at (859) 986-8686 

Note: Joanna is working toward establishing the New Heart Healing Center in Berea. If you are interested in funding or providing a building for this project, please contact her.