Healing is a Journey

Joanna is now offering her work within the community context of Dragons Roost. Her decade of individual client work taught her that deep wounds (such as trauma, loss of a loved one or relationship, emotional or mental dysfunction) can only be healed in a context that is energetically safer than any we encounter in everyday life–including family life. Safe means no power-over (controlling, coercing) behavior. When a willingness to power-over is present, a person’s spirit knows it is unsafe, and it will not show up to heal.

We can’t deeply heal without community and social support that goes beyond an office visit every week or so. While it may feel vulnerable to engage in healing within a less formal community setting instead of a private individual session, it is different when the community is committed to maintaining a safe atmosphere through intention and behavior. In fact, relying on a single healer for deep healing tends to encourage an unsustainable and often unwise dependence on someone who may not always be available. Your spirit knows this and will only go so far into healing when this is the case. Your best chance for long-term health is to learn to listen to your own Inner Guide, which connects you to a knowing beyond your own, as well as the greater Harmony. This may be the most central principle of Dragons Roost.

From that premise, the healing journey is a path of discovery and evolution, different for each person. Everything that happens in our energy system (including physical body) happens for good reason. Depending on one’s choice and purpose in life, everything can potentially heal. Healing cannot be forced; basically the body and spirit have to give their thumbs-up when they perceive that someone is in a safe enough space to make it sustainable. Obviously, lifestyle choices are a huge component.

Dragons Roost offers this context. If you are serious about wanting to reclaim your energy and joy, it may be a good path for you. Joanna is available daily in this setting, and there are several scheduled group events each week. You serve as your own guide in this process, learning to listen to all parts of yourself, and direct your own journey. The process includes shoring up health at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and all levels of your energy field. It also requires attention to life patterns that form the foundation for ongoing health: financial self-sustenance, healthy relationships, gradual release of addictions, and creative work that brings joy.

Joanna has traveled this path of healing step by step, changing from a low-energy, passive person with complex PTSD, to having a consistent level of joy and energetic vitality every day. She has a rare depth of insight into how healing happens in the body, and at every level of the energy field. Her work has shown her that even the deepest healing will happen automatically, and with ease, when conditions are right.

If you really want to heal, and are willing to make some changes, come join in!