September Newsletter

Greetings all.. I have some exciting news to share.

The New Earth Healing Center is finally opening! It will be rooted at my place by Owsley Fork Reservoir (Turtle Island Farm and Healing Community), with an adjunct town location to be added when space emerges. The country location offers the incredible benefit of surrounding woods and lake, an adobe sweat lodge, a ceremonial fire pit, and a beautiful timber frame, straw bale house built of all-natural materials. We open with two healers on staff, myself and Henry Smith.

While I am still very much available for occasional appointments, the focus of my work has shifted toward helping people who are ready to seriously engage with the healing process at all levels—body, mind, spirit, emotions. This requires more frequent, ongoing energy work, bodywork, and communal support. This is exactly what the New Earth Healing Center is set up for.

For people engaged in ongoing work with us, we will be offering open center hours a couple days a week for teaching, communal support, individual healing sessions, ceremonies, and much more! If you are making a sustained commitment to your healing process, you can find out more here.

Money and Other Resources. I have finally landed on my feet with payment questions, stepping outside the system of charging set fees. I now ask people to discern what contribution their Inner Guide or Spirit prompts them to make for work received. The work is not “free” nor is this the old “optional donations” mode; rather it is a way that consciously acknowledges the many levels of exchange happening in this community, as well as an opportunity to practice listening to your Inner Guide. If money contributions are made, I request cash only, to avoid unnecessary entanglement in the banking system. This flow of resources and discernment is also how the center is run. You can read more here about why this is so important.

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I hope to see some of you soon, at the center. I love it how my clients always seem to know when the right time to come is: keep trusting your Inner Guide! You can check out the new website here:



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Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.