July Newsletter

Dear friends and clients,

Photo by Henry Smith
Photo by Henry Smith

Greetings! I wonder how you each are. It is always a delight to get to see some of you out and about or returning for sessions. I hope that the awakening radiating through Earth is gently opening your sight to your own beauty and power.

With the closing of Rosegold Cottage, I have been continuing to see clients in Berea, working both alone as well as collaboratively with Henry Smith. We have witnessed some miraculous breakthroughs. I have continued to prepare for the two healing centers, doing what I can, then turning the rest over to Spirit, waiting for the right time.

Since I moved back to the house I co-built just outside Berea, I have been able to make some phenomenal progress in my work helping to support Earth’s awakening. She is indeed coming into her full empowerment like we have never before seen!

My unwavering commitment to reclaim the Earth’s power for herself (as for all her life forms) has required an unwavering commitment to clean myself up. As you all know, we can have no true power to create the external world until we have committed to the inner path of reclaiming our own true essence and setting our feet on the path uniquely our own. (I recently got a succinct understanding that it is our faults that provide a map to reclaiming our power. Our “faults” are inconvenient gifts that show us all the places we are leaking away our power, through codependent relationship, complaining, blaming others, staying in situations we know we should leave, and so on.)

I have been doing this self-healing and integrating work for many years, and I currently look and feel younger than I have in many years, and my body and energy flow are in better shape than they have been for many many lifetimes. I have come back from near-complete thyroid failure 5 years ago and chronic digestive trouble; I have been off all medications and supplements for over a year now. The past few months have yielded significant progress on letting go of negative emotions and anxiety—some of the trickiest stuff to heal! I share all of this to offer hope as well as to back up my belief that complete healing is possible for anyone willing to commit to the journey.

The past two years I have had the incredible blessing of having the gifted support of my colleague, intuitive healer and bodyworker Henry Smith. From his background as an EMT and training in various traditional healing ways, he has taught me much on how to incorporate the body in energy healing work. The combination of the focus I have brought to my self-healing, as well as getting bodywork from Henry up to several times a week for the past two years, has landed me in the amazing place of coming into complete physical alignment. As we have jointly worked toward this watershed moment, Henry and I both have learned much about healing, and everything we have done has established a template that others seeking healing will be able to plug into. I am already seeing that healing is happening infinitely faster than it used to with clients.  A recent hour-long session yielded a breakthrough that would have taken five years previously.

Not only are we blazing a trail, but anytime someone achieves this level of integration, it begins to help the entire planet heal and evolve. The same dark forces operating out there are those that operate within ourselves. So our authority over external problems is dependent on conquering them internally.  Change in the world starts inside each of us. Because of this reality, I have therefore been in the position of doing some remarkable work preparing the planet for her moment of great awakening

I am currently called to put what I have learned into writing—brief chapters or pamphlets on various topics such as: What’s up with Planet Earth?, Power, Relationships, Emotions, Love, Community, Separation and Oneness, Rules for the New Earth, Gods Goddesses and Demons, How to Heal Yourself, Evolved Perception, Nurturing Your Spirit, The Nature of Existence, and Reforming Social Systems. I have come to realize that I can offer healing to others til I’m “blue in the face,” but an essential precursor to healing is having a new story about what’s going on in the world and oneself. We are surrounded by so many false premises, that few of us have any kind of accurate picture of who we are and how to become more whole and happy. I aim to get my writing out in both pamphlet form as well as all combined into a book, eventually.

I continue to invite all of you to support the presence of this healing work in this area by spreading the word that I am seeking loan-free space to start a center in downtown Berea, as well as funds for purchasing the Turtle Island Community acreage out where I live. Additionally, if you feel you will benefit from having access to my knowledge and wisdom in written form, please consider making a donation to help me pay bills this month or two as I focus in on writing. You can do so online here, or via mail to 260 Radford Hollow Rd., Berea 40403.

I send a shower of light and blessings to each of you. Please know that it is very very possible to come into greater peace, happiness, wholeness, and physical well-being. It is becoming more and more possible, and the universe itself holds this constant loving intention for you! Keep at the journey to greater awareness, and know that even when it feels lonely, there will be a time when all your quiet inner work is honored, and we celebrate as a community. The darkness pushes hard on us, but the deepest reality is our Oneness in Source (love), and guess what: reality always wins!


Joanna Juzwik

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Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.