January Newsletter

Dear clients and friends,

Happy New Year! It has been just a month since I sent my last update, but things change fast around here, and I want to keep you all in the loop.

Open Healing Hours have outgrown Rosegold Cottage. This drop-in, collaborative format has very helpfully put the finishing touches on my vision for a healing center(s). I will host Open Healing Hours at Rosegold through the end of January. As of February 1, they will continue in a new space or be on hold until a new space emerges. I will be continuing private sessions at Rosegold.

What I am creating is a multi-faceted set-up that provides consistent, accessible space and resources for healing for anyone interested.  My knowledge and experience have taken me to the roots of healing, and I want to share this. I do not believe that suffering is a necessary part of life anymore, and I finally have the understanding and methodology in place to make wholeness at all levels an accessible path to greater numbers of people. We are in pioneering territory here, relying on the core principle that if people learn to listen to their Inner Guide (the voice of Spirit within each of us) and follow its leading, they will be able to heal completely, with support and guidance. This makes my job a lot easier.

Here’s the plan:

(1) Healing Center in Downtown Berea

This will be a high-vibrational healing and sanctuary space, where people can come and use available resources to do their own healing work, connect with others, and get help when needed from various healers. We will offer teaching and group events here.

(2) Residential Healing Center and Spa

This is a quiet, wooded, rural setting where people will be able to sink more deeply into a healing zone, with features such as mineral soak tubs, organic food, energy and body work, and attention to natural skin and hair care (these are surprisingly essential to keep the body and energy field in good health). Just 7 miles east of Berea, next to Owsley Fork Lake, this 15 acres was initially established as the Egrets’ Cove Community.

(3) Written Material and Body Care Supplies

As soon as funding allows, I will be putting into writing (brief, pamphlet form) what I have learned about healing, which will form the foundation for my teaching work and do-it-yourself healing, at both centers.

My colleague Henry Smith has been developing high-vibration skin and hair care products over the past year, for use at the spa. When funding emerges for developing these on a bigger scale, he will be working towards making these available to all who come. Henry is also assembling his knowledge about healing work and body processes into a teachable format.

To be able to offer my work at this scale to the public while standing by my calling to do the work Spirit leads me to, these spaces and projects must be donated or funded by the community, at least for start-up. If you feel called to be involved in some way or have a space in town to offer, please be in touch! For more information, visit the Current Projects page.







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Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.