Transmitting Healing Information via Energy instead of Talk

As a healer, I am always seeking ways to help people heal and learn how to heal more effectively. My own initial healing journey was a 10-year journey of tremendous emotional upheaval—often daily crying as I released old pain in the form of blocked energy. The New Earth we are co-creating is free of suffering, so this model cannot be perpetuated! And it just plain takes too long: 10 years to become an overall happier person? Yikes.

I need to put the knowledge I have gained into writing, and will do that when the time is right. That will help. But for now, I feel the limitation of speaking words: it requires a fair amount of effort, and sometimes gets no farther than a client’s mind. It also tugs at my tendency to “tell people what to do,” which I have chosen to stop. Increasingly, I have been using spoken words to guide someone to do their own healing work. Even this takes a while, though, and I feel may not be necessary. I think healing can happen much more quickly, and most of it we don’t need to understand or analyze.

So what I am trying now is making the totality of my healing knowledge available–as a specific stash or “book” of energy–to every client who comes. Other healers working with me can add their own to it. It is also connected to the universal “database” of all healing knowledge. During Open Healing Hours, I now have a worksheet that guides people through grounding, centering, and boundary-setting, then tells them how to energetically connect their “inner healer” (healing intelligence) to this database of healing knowledge. It tells them how to drop into a deep state of relaxation for self-healing, so their inner healer can go to work unimpeded by mind, emotions, etc.

This idea came from my own practice. Several years ago, I began to lie down to rest for 20-30 minutes each afternoon. I almost never fall asleep, but have learned to quickly drop myself into a zone of deep relaxation (it feels viscerally like my consciousness going into the center of my body, away from the front of my head, and sometimes I feel a distinct dropping-and-releasing sensation). In this zone, my body goes into automatic healing mode. It starts twitching and moving in ways that either perform a physical adjustment in my body, or move energy. It’s really cool! During this time, I also always ask spirit healers to work on me, and they do if it’s appropriate.

Clearly, if I can create a deep and safe enough healing space that helps others drop into that mode, my job will be much easier. And they will–with practice–be able to do it for themselves whenever they wish. I am finding that if I focus on expanding into my own multi-dimensional energy field (which means my attention must stay at a much deeper level than talking mode), their energy field is able to fall quickly into a deeper healing state. I also put a sort of healing “cocoon” of powerful energy around them. All the elements of this healing process depend tremendously on the healing field I am now able to hold because I’ve come into significant wholeness in my own being. The sense of safety that people feel, which allows them to open to healing, is created by the frequency of love which I am channeling and consciously holding.

Next, I get in touch with their inner healer, most of which in this culture have crawled dejectedly into their inner closet. We do not live in a culture that fosters health: it is always beating us down health-wise, telling us NOT to trust our inner guidance and instincts. What I am seeing is that when the person’s inner healer receives my invitation to revive, and the steady beam of love, belief, and encouragement in its abilities I am sending it, it perks up and springs into action. And because it picks up on my commitment to stick around on Earth for awhile (and help re-create a New Earth), it comes to life more fully and I can tell it will be able to stay active. This is not something I saw happening, or was able to facilitate, even a few months ago, so some things have shifted—no doubt both in me as well as what is possible on planet Earth.

When a client is in this state, I see their inner healer zipping around at lightning speed sometimes, faster than I can even follow consciously.  I also notice that afterwards, both they and I feel more full of joy than we did before. That’s a good sign!

Another related variant of this concept is telepathy. My coworker Henry has been finding that some clients are able to communicate all kinds of significant information telepathically that they might not be able to quite put into words physically.

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Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.