December Newsletter

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Happy December to you all! I hope this finds each of you well. My work at Rosegold Cottage continues to evolve, and I wanted to send out a brief update.

I have continued to seek and refine the best ways to really help people heal and grow on their paths. This year I’ve tried workshops, discussion-type groups, 24/7 crisis care, and clinic-style open healing hours, along with continuing private sessions. Several coworkers and I had a great time with the drop-in healing tent at Berea’s First Friday events– bringing holistic healing (and the energy frequency of love!) to downtown Berea. I continue to keep my eyes open for a bigger space so as to be able to host more group events: this process is unfolding in Spirit’s timing fortunately, waiting for the right thing.

One of the more exciting recent developments began with a personal breakthrough. I have always known that both my power and limitations as a healer are based on my own degree of wholeness and self-awareness. So I am always dancing or slogging along on my own healing journey. I recently made a significant breakthrough with one of my most deeply-rooted problematic patterns—that of trying to take responsibility for others and “fix” people’s problems for them. It had been wreaking havoc in my third chakra, causing anxiety and drama in my life.

As I let go this pattern, I began to see that I needed to make a slight shift in the way I did my healing work. Ultimately lasting healing must come from within, not from an external source (me, in this case). The key to healing is in the hands of your inner healer. Your inner healer knows exactly what steps to take and order of priority. So I am focusing more intensively on activating the inner healer, and connecting people with their own intuitive awareness of what they need to do to heal and grow.

Putting all this together at a deep level has birthed some new practices here at Rosegold, integrating teaching and healing. Open healing hours are now a cottage-wide space for people to come and, with some guidance, settle into a deep inner healing space on your own. Within this space you can activate your inner healer, get familiar with the voice of Spirit within yourself (your inner guide), do what you can on your own, and call on the staff of healers for specific help as needed. Already, having everyone present helping to hold an intentional healing space has changed the feel of the cottage from a clinic with waiting rooms to that of a healing sanctuary. When you step into the space, you feel it!

Healers on staff continue to provide a mix of energetic and physical help. Hours remain Tuesdays 2-5 and Fridays 2-6. Cost is still $50/month for unlimited visits or $40/visit. Or call me if you want to schedule a private session ($60/hour).

I am very grateful to be at this point of honing in closer and closer on a healing process that gives lifelong tools and benefit, rather than an ongoing reliance solely on sessions (although support is very important!). I appreciate the good feedback many of you have given me to help modify my methods.

May the holidays bring outrageous amounts of joy and grace your way! Be in touch if you need support.


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Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.