Emending the Global Reiki Frequency

My co-workers and I have been noticing lately that Reiki energy has been showing up in clients’ space causing negative effects. Yesterday we were working with someone who was a Reiki practitioner and had some awareness about this, so I decided to get to the root of it.

Reiki energy is a specific frequency, and I had seen it in people’s auras as an aqua-blue energy that had a sedating effect, interfering with people’s ability to perceive clearly. Kind of a trade-off for feeling better from the energy’s effect. Of course, I know full well we NEVER have to make trade-offs of our energy or power to receive healing.

So I followed the frequency back to its source. I saw that it was brought by a being from elsewhere in the universe. Where this being came from, this was a dominant energy its civilization used, but on Earth it was new, more advanced, and therefore more powerful. This was sometime in the ‘60s it looked like to me.

It was taught and spread over the planet through a proprietary system, which usually brings control energy on board (ugh). You could perhaps define dark energy as control energy, so this is a big deal.

I saw that the frequency’s effect had gotten blown out of proportion to its innate character, much as I have seen in the energies of invasive plant species. When it arrived on Earth, there were few other similarly high frequencies available to keep the Reiki frequency in balance, so it got out of balance, which is when it began to exercise undue controlling influence in people’s space who received Reiki treatment. The energy got a “big head,” so to speak. It also exercised a dampening effect on the practitioner’s own innate healing abilities, simply because it held their “allegiance” to that one particular frequency.

In the ensuing decades, the “veil” separating Earth from the rest of the universe (and its more advanced energies and life forms) has grown thinner (our perceptive capacity has expanded), so we now have access to, really, an endless number of healing frequencies, some from within Earth and some from without.

I communicated with the source of the Reiki energy. It was lonely here on Earth, and when I offered it the chance to return to its home, it took it. The frequency will still be available on Earth. As with all beings, I connected it to the love frequency to help it evolve at whatever pace it chose. The love frequency simply reminds all beings that they are one with the Source—reminds them of who they truly are.

Reiki energy extends all over the globe now, and is definitely not all bad (see related entry on “dark” forces masquerading as light). So I just sent the love/creation frequency energy out through the whole network. That frequency will redirect all practitioners and recipients of Reiki energy to be able to claim their full healing gifts, with no restriction or control. To step into their true creative capacity, to be fully themselves.

We are past the age when we “needed” gurus and proprietary systems to teach us how to heal. There is most definitely essential protocol in energy healing work, but we don’t need to be controlled; we don’t need to submit our inner knowing to external authorization anymore. We are enough in ourselves, and simply need to let our own gifts shine forth.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.