August Newsletter

Over the course of my four years in professional healing work, and the ten years before that it took to get myself in better shape, I have come to believe that we are capable of achieving a much higher level of health and happiness than most of us suspect. I believe that a will to come into greater wholeness is all that is truly necessary—accompanied by tenacity, courage, and a willingness to change any and all patterns that hold us back. It is very, very hard to follow this path alone: our culture is not set up toward making us whole beings.

My healing work has deepened and shifted as I have grown in understanding. In some ways, I feel that to create an atmosphere in which people can truly come into wholeness and be supported, we have to create a miniature version of a better society. One in which unconditional love, with honesty, in relationships is the foundation. Our everyday relationships are the building blocks for a life that is healthy in body, mind, spirit, and emotions. They give us the clues we may be missing about areas in ourselves that need healing work: they point us to self-awareness. As we break through the most difficult relational problems, we are set free into love and into being our true selves at all moments. This is the foundation for physical health.

We need support from more than one person, as well as communal events that raise our inner fire (joy) enough to help us clear the hurdles of growth. We need guidance and collective wisdom at key points, yet we are no longer in the age of gurus, with their hierarchical systems. Each of us must listen to our Inner Guide—our connection to Spirit—for authority, and both accept and offer teaching to and from others. No one has all the answers: no one should ever dictate another’s path.

So it becomes increasingly complex to do my work well! I need you all, and I need a solid base from which to work and set up this kind of “healing” environment. Rosegold Cottage has served its purpose in gathering together a diverse and talented community of folks already, some of whom have teaching to offer, while others have begun to work powerfully together as a team of healers. I am looking for a bigger house from which to work, that can accommodate larger gatherings and multiple spaces for healing work to happen, as well as some residential space. We hope to have several of us living in the space, to provide 24/7 care as well as to keep the healing energy of the space strong. (If you have a lead on such a space, or would like to contribute money for its purchase, please let me know.)

New Pathways for Healing

My test questions for my work are (1) Is it effective? And (2) Is it fun? These standards are leading me into new ways of offering healing work and spiritual journey support. My co-healers and I have noticed that our work is amplified profoundly when we work together. It is also extremely energizing for us to work together. So, twice a week for starters, we will be offering “Open Healing Hours,” with 2-4 of us present each time. We encourage you to stop by for work or a quick tune-up during these hours, no scheduling required. Hours for now are Tuesdays 2-5 and Fridays 2-6, beginning next week.

A second goal for the Open Healing Hours is to get people in for healing work more frequently. To make significant progress in healing—whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental—frequent sessions and support are essential. We hope this format will provide an easier way for you to do that.

The other adjustment I am making is shifting to a membership “subscription” format, much like you might have in a gym or a library. This should make our work more affordable for you all as well as help me with a budget. As those of you know who have worked with me or the other healers on my team, we are very committed to you, and we think this membership format better reflects the sense of mutual community that is the basis of our work.

Membership is always open. Non-members are welcome to check out events or come for a session anytime, to see if they want to get involved. You can unsubscribe at any time, though I ask that you commit for 6 months, to keep this a viable format.

Membership Options:

  • $25/month (per household): For those who want to attend events regularly, or just offer general support because you believe in what I am doing
  • $50/month (per adult; kids are included): For those who want unlimited healing work, whether via open healing hours or scheduled times, plus events.
  • Barter: For designated monthly work, such as regular cleaning, maintenance, event-leading, healing work, or other options.

You can sign up for automatic monthly payments on my website.

What does membership offer?

Open Healing Hours. We will be offering “drop-in” healing care two days a week for starters, much like the tent we’ve had at the last two First Friday events in Berea. We will have multiple healers on hand, so that you can benefit from different techniques and areas of expertise.

Scheduled Healing Sessions. I will continue to work with people on a scheduled basis as needed. Just call, text, or email to find a time!

Events. We will continue to offer a mix of talk (mind)-oriented events such as support circles, mini-workshops, and half-day workshops. We will also continue to expand spirit- and body-oriented events such as sweat lodges, dancing, drumming, and singing/toning events.

Please spread the word: feel free to forward this to friends. Gift memberships are also available.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.