July Newsletter

Greetings friends of Rosegold Cottage!

I’ve got exciting news. The work and supportive community that has gathered around Rosegold Cottage has expanded to the point I am looking for a bigger space. The work here has always been aimed toward being available to people whenever needed, and that requires a team of healers. The team has coalesced over these months, and so far includes:

  • Me: Intuitive healer—mind, body, spirit, and psyche (emotions)
  • Henry Smith: Traditional medicine man and medical intuitive
  • Andri Kukas: Massage and bodywork therapist and energy healer
  • Maria Stenger: Seer, teacher, and energy healer
  • An expanding roster of  folks offering teaching and healing foods

We believe that deep healing requires a supportive community as well as personal commitment to each other’s healing. Our professionalized medical system is only able to address body and mind, ignoring spirit and emotion. This leaves people “half-healed.” We believe that in the right setting and with a team of healers who understand the roots of wholeness, complete healing is actually possible in many situations (if a person is ready, and if it aligns with their higher self’s plan.)

Last night, our team of four healers made its first public showing at Berea’s fantastic First Friday event in Old Town. Our collaborative work is housed under the name Turtle Island Farm and Healing Community. Turtle Island is our vision of a network of drop-in and residential healing spaces (including a spa!) that will facilitate complete healing at all levels. We currently have several locations that the four of us work from.

We are looking for a place with 3-4 apartments and a sizeable open work and gathering space. It needs to be a harmonious and serene environment. If you have a lead on such a place in Berea, please contact me! We are also waiting for the right space and time to open up for the residential/spa setting.

If I or we can be of help to you, be in touch. And come find us at the next First Friday event! It was great to see some of you there.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.