June Newsletter

Greetings from Rosegold Cottage!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch. I hope you are thriving, and growing in interesting ways.

Rosegold Cottage has continued to open up new modes of work for me. This space is increasingly serving as a hub of support, co-learning, and healing work for a community of folks interested in growth and integration at all levels: mind, body, spirit, psyche.

I am enjoying doing collaborative sessions with a couple other healers (ask me about this if you are interested). We handled our first full-fledged post-trauma incident a few weeks ago, with amazing results. There is truly nowhere else people can get the kind of post-trauma care that they need, and that deep level of care opened up some remarkable healing.

A recent option I have been offering to folks, upon request, is a monthly fee of $300 for unlimited sessions. Obviously, I can only offer this to a couple people at a time! But it allows people who want to do intensive healing and growth work an affordable way to do so. I learned early on in my work that one hour a week often doesn’t cut it. And my desire is to be available as much as needed to those who have reached a significant point of growth (sometimes crisis) in their lives.

Crisis care continues to be free here, and I encourage you to consider coming whenever life or emotions feel overwhelming: that’s the best time to do healing work. Individual and collaborative sessions alike remain $60/hour (and if you can’t afford that, we’ll find a way to make it work).  Donations are always welcome too.

My work deepens all the time: it is challenging to explain all the levels I work at. On the surface, I am still doing a mix of energy healing and intuitive insight in sessions—typically talking as I work, while clients can relax into a deeper state for healing on the table.

Please be in touch if I can help you in any of these ways. Below is a list I recently compiled of the areas people most often request work in.

May blessings light your way this summer!