April Newsletter

Greetings from Rosegold Cottage!

I hope each of you is thriving in this glorious spring weather. I have been profoundly appreciating my presence in the heart of Berea, since my work depends so much on heart energy. My heart is indeed full with all the amazing, yet subtle things happening here at Rosegold Cottage.

I am beginning to see my dream of a healing support community become a reality, and a shared dream. A community of support is essential in sustaining any deep level of healing, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. And one person (me!) can never replace a community. The teaching circles and workshops I am starting up this month are inviting folks to be present here more often, to benefit from each other’s company and wisdom as well as my own work and presence. One coworker, Maria, has set up a lending library full of helpful books on healing, a phenomenal resource that I invite you all to take advantage of.

A key principle of this community and of my work is that you will find tremendous wisdom within yourself. We all have something to teach each other, no matter what stage we are at in the journey. The new workshop series is a tangible demonstration of this. These are one-hour workshops taught by people who are not necessarily professional healers, but who are sharing tools for the healing journey that have helped them along the way. And in this line of work, personal experience is worth a hundred times more than external accreditation.

This premise is at the heart of valuing the feminine—the way of inner knowing, inner authority, intuition. A core principle of the feminine archetype—which is weaving its way back into our world—is power with one another rather than power over one another. Sound like a good shift to make on this planet?

These principles were dramatically present in the first workshop, held this week. Maria Stenger shared the history, overview, and proper use of runes, an ancient system of wisdom. There have been plenty of times in history where such public teaching resulted in death. So many women seers and healers have been killed, in an attempt to suppress the feminine. This week, not only was the way of inner wisdom being taught, but Maria teaches and embodies the way of the feminine.

As Maria pointed out, true power lies in owning oneself and one’s power completely, NOT in being able to make others do things. It is easy to overlook feminine power, because it bears none of the trappings of masculine power, how we define power in this culture. Ultimately the runes and other tools serve as a mirror to help us know ourselves better, and thus claim our power more fully: stop the leaks. It is a different way of being in relationship with each other . . . and it’s about time!

So, Rosegold Cottage is growing and thriving in the ways it needs to be. It is still struggling to stay afloat financially, however, so if you are invested in seeing this powerful work grow, please consider making an ongoing monthly donation, for whatever amount you are able. (Click here to do so online.)

I hope you will join us for group or healing sessions. Or just be in touch! I remember each of my clients, and often wonder how things have unfolded since I last saw you.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.