Soothing Touch vs. Sexual Touch

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In considering the importance of having more touch in our culture, the question of sexual energy rises. How does one deal with sexual energy that may result from touch among adults or teens?

Sexual touch needs to be acknowledged as a separate kind of touch. Fortunately, we have some choice in how we channel our sexual energy. Sexual energy is a wonderful healing force, so it should be honored, not ignored or subconsciously projected. If sexual energy rises during a friendly back rub, for example, a good step is to pause and verbally acknowledge it (“I’m feeling attraction to you”). Then both people can decide if they want to continue or not. They could decide to shift into a mode of sexual touch.

It is also possible to let sexual energy rise in oneself without channeling it toward the other person. It does not need to be attached to them, even if they were the impetus. Another way of saying this: your sexual energy is your own responsibility, not another person’s. Check their receptivity before sending it their way. It is possible to feel the difference energetically when you are allowing sexual energy to flow through your hands into another person, versus keeping it in check to be able to offer non-sexual touch.

If this is a significant challenge for someone, they might opt to exchange healing touch only with people they are not attracted to until they get a better handle on how to deal honestly and proactively with attraction. Similarly, one should never accept touch from someone who “creeps” them out: this probably just means that person is projecting sexual energy at them without taking responsibility for it or respecting their boundaries. Call them out on it! There’s nothing as effective in stopping subconscious behaviors as yanking them into the spotlight of consciousness. Just naming what is going on will often serve to curb the behavior. If you just silence your discomfort instead, you do the “creep” (male or female!) a great disservice spiritually. Give them a chance to take responsibility for their behavior.

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