Becoming a Powerful Healer

It became clear to me a few months ago that to teach what I do (or aspects of it), the best thing I can do is teach how to heal yourself deeply, and come into ever-clearer self-knowledge. When you follow this path, you discover your purpose, you learn to follow the direction of your inner guide, and you learn how to listen for Spirit’s direction at all times in all matters, including how to conduct healing.

Another way of putting this:

  1. Clear yourself out (of all the crud that accumulates in our systems in this culture) and your overall vibrational level will rise. You will be able to channel higher frequencies of energy, which is automatically healing. This is why it is innately healing to be in the presence of someone who’s energy system is in a higher, clearer state: they raise the vibration in the whole room.
  2. As your energetic space gets clearer and clearer (as you heal), your perception will expand. This is another automatic side-effect of raising your overall vibration. You will be able to see into other “dimensions” (= real stuff that we don’t typically notice because it lies outside our current limited perceptual field).
  3. You will access levels of perception and clarity in which Spirit/God/Source will speak directly to you. And yes, God knows exactly what needs to be healed in any situation, and the best way to carry it out.

The typical path for becoming a holistic practitioner has been getting certified in a particular system. While this kind of training can be very useful and provide excellent tools, your power as a healer comes from the depth of your own personal integration and healing. Spirit has been very clear with me over the years that – aside from my initial training with Colin Chipps – all of my knowledge was to come through experience.

This is a sea change in thinking about qualification and authority. It is a shift toward the feminine modality, that honors the path of lived experience and wisdom more than someone else’s stamp of approval. It honors inner knowing as much as outer knowing.

Spirit is your own best teacher, and your own spirit is your surest guide toward using your gifts fully. You can gain tools and techniques from others, but ultimately your deepest healing work will come from who you have become, rather than what you do or how you do it.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.

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