Sexuality and the Awakening of Will

The first time I energetically healed wounds from sexual abuse, I saw a key made of white light. I required the perpetrator to return it to the victim (in spirit). The victim was enthralled with the key, as a great treasure. Once she had it back, she had no further interest in the perpetrator.

What was this white light key? At first I thought it was the person’s spirit, but it is much more subtle than that. I am going to white light court to ask. Here is what I learned:

  • The key is “key” to the white light body of radiance that may surround each of us. Radiance rises from the complete union of spirit with body. It comes when one’s spirit fully inhabits one’s body—when they are fully connected and in communication.
  • In this state of spirit-body union, we are closest to consciousness of our oneness with the divine: the inner light, the spark of life. On earth it is the union of spirit and body that is consciousness/life. The union connects us to the great whole (the Great Spirit).
  • These all connect through the third chakra in humans. The spirit-body connection allows the connection with the Great Spirit, the cosmos.
  • If the spirit-body connection is weak or damaged, it interferes with the ability to connect with God and the great ALL.
  • The white light radiance is the light of the divine shining through us: it is more than the individual self, spirit or body, greater than the individual spirit.
  • The key is sexual awakening. (How did Philip Pullman get so close to the truth?!)

A baby is born out of the divine light. The years of childhood are for learning whatever the society/culture/planet has learned and must pass on for culture to continue—taking in instruction. At puberty (ideally), however, individual consciousness is born. The person becomes able to choose her life, make her own judgments, participate in evolution in her own unique way. She claims her will. She becomes an essential and vital part of the unfolding of the universe. The key that opens this new world of possibility is sexual awakening. Because it is the only human experience in which spirit and body are equally, fully present and completely at one (again, ideally). And because they are completely one then, we touch the divine: the connection opens wide. And we (can) know who we really are: one with all, a carrier of the divine spark. It is inside/part of each of us, not outside (hello Quakers!).

  • This knowledge is the foundation of wonder and delight. Living out of the radiance, consciously–what a state!
  • The awakening to consciousness at puberty is also the awakening of will and individuality.
  • Consciousness is knowing who you are.
  • Will is deciding if you will serve your true, unique purpose in this lifetime. If you accept, then your will becomes activated. If you refuse or resist, then you will be ruled by others’ wills.
  • Awaken then Serve. This is the path to radiance.

Awakening is an internal experience, innately so. It cannot be other. When someone is raped as their first sexual experience (maybe half the population), the awakening is confused. The victim believes the awakening hinges on an external cause. So the longing for the phenomenal awakening gets equated with another’s will, which are directly incompatible things (since awakening births one’s own will). Thus, rape often splits the victim. Rape obstructs awakening into oneself as well as development of one’s will, and the inner radiance that blooms when these arise as they are meant to. It produces an internal split instead of internal union.

The key belongs to oneself. It never belongs to the rapist—that’s a lie, and easy to bust energetically. This awakening is like the dawning of a great light/radiance. It attracts predators because it is so wondrous. Predators had their awakening similarly interrupted, and never could claim it or develop their own radiance, so they seek to steal the will and radiance of others, as theirs was stolen. This cycle is not hard to end, from a healer’s perspective, via simple applied spirit-body energy work.

Side-effects of the radiance generated by spirit-body union include inner aliveness, delight, the joy of the spirit, pleasure. The spirit longs for body pleasure (and disembodied spirits miss this). Our true nature and purpose is to fully inhabit and love our bodies and the material world. Without spirit-body integration, we cannot access the divine truly, accurately. It’s just the way reality is set up.

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Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.

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