December Newsletter

It has been a remarkable two months since moving into Rosegold Cottage. This has been a wonderful, quiet, and powerful location from which to offer my work. The house itself is already holding strong healing energy. My intuitive practice has transferred nicely here.

I have had seven people so far come for the crisis healing services of Rosegold Cottage. Several of these are people on an accelerated path to wholeness (out of choice and perseverance) who come regularly, and I have served as midwife for some phenomenal healing work. I observe that the level of healing depends both on a client’s readiness to heal as well as the degree of trust they hold in me. So I encourage you to come often and get to know me!

I have held several teaching and support groups at Rosegold Cottage. I will be making my writing available as another aid. I have also begun to work with a Native American medicine man to incorporate healing ceremony into this work.

I am enjoying my work tremendously. My own healing journey has accelerated remarkably in the last several months. I am understanding my purpose and claiming my power in ways I never could have imagined even a few months ago. I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunity to do the healing work I love, and to have the flexibility of schedule to continue seeking better ways to do so.

Please do consider offering financial support for the free and vital services I am providing to the community through Rosegold Cottage. It will be one of the best investments you ever make. Since I am not keen on frequent appeals for money, my preferred donation mode is committing to an automatic monthly donation on my website. Even $20/month is a significant support.

I leave you with a challenge for the new year:

Believe it or not, our dear planet is shaking off a lot of long-entrenched darkness these days. Deep and widespread change is happening, starting “below the surface.” These days, I am pulling an unprecedented number of dark energies out of clients’ space as well as out of places I work on.

The inner work we each do, day after day—toward greater self-awareness and integration of our shadow sides—has a profound impact on external reality, because of our interconnectedness. I encourage you to take this seriously in the coming year. Inner work (the journey to wholeness) is not hard to begin, but it does take courage. Emotions are your chief and most reliable guide. Consider making a commitment in this new year to listening to every emotion that rises in you. If it is negative, sit with it long enough to hear what your spirit is telling you. Is there an action you need to take? A relationship that needs to change? Words you need to say to someone? If the emotion is positive, do anything in your power to repeat whatever caused that joy as often as you can.

Our call is not to figure out how to “fix the world.” It is rather to come into enough self-knowledge so that we can live out our true purpose. Living out of true purpose and inner harmony places us squarely in the flow of universal harmony (“God’s will”) and all our actions will pack a far greater punch.

I send much love to you all. May you be showered with blessings and joy as we enter this new year!

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.