A Workshop with Steve Schumacher

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a workshop Steve Shumacher, of Louisville, KY, offered here in Berea. Steve is a healer and teacher, and was presenting on the Visionary Craniosacral method.  Steve’s words, presence, and knowledge were profoundly helpful. The room was full of 20-30 healers from Berea, Richmond, and Lexington, as well, which was wonderful.

Here are my notes from the workshop. My questions and thoughts are in italics. Everything else is from Steve.

  • Even though a traumatic event is physically over, its force may still be at work in the body/energy system. The way Steve talks about force and interior fulcrums is the way I talk about “blocked energy.”
  • One of my rising recent questions: If the root of a physical problem is healed, how much can the body physically regenerate?
  • Steve offered a typical story in which someone takes a hard fall, then gets up, grits their teeth and goes on. Years later, that weakness/fulcrum/blocked energy makes their back go out. I believe that if we learned to pay close attention to our bodies and spirits in every moment, in a situation like this, they would tell us exactly what to do to heal (i.e. move a certain way, rest a certain amount of time, etc.). Healers are great for this, but ultimately, each person’s body adn spirit know exactly how to heal. in my healing work, I am accessing that innate knowledge. It comes back to awakening “intuition” or the “inner guide,” as Quakers say.
  • Steve asked his teacher Hugh Milne about how to deal with “professional patients.” His teacher responded, “Joy,” and explained that if the healer’s heart is full of joy (open) there are no dark places for the patient to lock into, mirroring the patient’s own dark places. The patient will either heal or go away. The warning flag  is feeling judgmental. (I run into this in myself) He speaks of not having the “purity” to heal as Christ did, to see what is healthy and right in a system rather than what is wrong.
  • In his work, a really healthy patient’s field feels like “air,” as if the body “disappears.”
  • When space expands, time slows down. When space compresses, time speeds up. Problems are from a lack of space.
  • The cranial wave, fluid tide, and long tide may be found in all life forms (and the physical rhythms of the earth). This makes perfect sense, because the earth is alive, and is one organism. I think this is true literally/scientifically, not metaphorically. We are like parts of her body. So these tides are her body’s “fluid” cycles: her emotion(?), her circulation, her breathing.
  • The soul dwells in the fascia (!!)
  • Maybe: Two people are required for the deepest work, one as witness and/or facilitator
  • Steve is offering the patient a presence of “receptivity” and “curiosity.” Steve speaks of a conscious mind, a presence “in the room” with the healer and patient that provides external healing, and a blueprint of healthy function. It will help, if a receptive space is held. I am so curious as to what this actually is energetically.  I think it is not just a spirit being–too limited. Nor “God”/cosmic order. It is a healing consciousness. Maybe it is the Earth’s “Inner Healer.” The divine spark and rightness at the heart of the Earth that is available to all her body parts.

The gem of wisdom that really lit me up, and is no doubt WHY I was there is related to the notion of a healer listening for what is right and healthy in a person’s system, and that if one could do that, the whole system might instantaneously heal. Because that “spark” in a person holds the blueprint (like a holograph?) for the whole system’s perfect, birthright function.

This is seeing/touching the divine spark in a person. I believe that the root of all suffering on earth is that we have forgotten who we really are: we are part of the great organism/life system that is the Earth, and it is all sacred, because it is all imbued with spirit. We each are a unique spark of the divine. Our uniqueness is important, and so is our interconnectedness. So it makes great sense to me that if a healer gets in touch with that place of divinity/wholeness in a person, and serves as witness (holding space, holding up a mirror), he/she is simply helping the person remember who they really are. All the false notions and beliefs can fall away. After all, isn’t original “sin” perhaps the belief that we are separate from God, and thus alone. 

This is the awakening happening on the planet right now. It is the remembrance of who we are: consciousness. The return of the feminine metaphorically. But really what the feminine symbolizes is spirit, the inner way, yin. 

Thank you Steve and the other healers present at this profound afternoon!

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Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.