Healer Maintenance and Right Relationship

I am currently offering energy healing sessions four days a week. I will do up to 3 sessions per day. I believe I will need to take one week off every month or two.  So far it has been a challenge for me to be able to do even this many sessions.  The work itself does not deplete me; to the contrary, it is rather energizing and fills me with love and positive energy. The challenge is to keep my energy system in good enough shape to hold the intensity of focus I need to direct healing energies powerfully. There are occasional days where I have just not been able to hold my energy at the level needed to do this healing work well. There are two reasons I have discerned so far for this.

  1. Physical health: being tired, sick, or having a low energy level low for some other reason (hormonal, diet)
  2. Other energy demands in my life. Keeping it all in balance–2 teenage kids, marriage, etc.
  3. Right relationship: This may be the underlying cause of #1 actually. I notice that doing this work requires me to be in right relationship with all beings that I interact with. For instance, I had a yucky fight with my partner one night, and did not speak or listen very truly. The next day, my energy was low. That night, I requested a “redo” conversation, which went much better, and my energy level rose.

Another example of this is my relationship with my food. This is an ongoing healing process for me. This past fall I undertook an intensive gut-healing regime. One piece I added to it (inspired by an article by Cynthia Nado in The Journal of Shamanic Practice) was to greet the spirit/energy of the food I was consuming, offer it my blessing and healing if needed, and ask its blessing in return. Specifically I would ask for it to heal my body. The spirits of animals killed for meat often need healing, just a touch to help their spirits move into the next phase (same as humans who have died suddenly or in trauma).

I have also had to take steps to change my membership in various groups, to bring myself into right relationship with the people in it. I stopped being a decision-making member in one group, which immediately restored “rightness” to my friendships with several people in the group.

The principle behind the significance of “right relationship” is simply that we are all interconnected–humans, plants, animals, rocks, earth herself. If I am inappropriately influencing someone else or being influenced by someone, it pulls me out of balance. If I am engaging in work that my spirit (and life purpose) tells me I should not, then that work becomes an energy drain, and my energy goes there instead of to the work I am called to do, which will energize me. In regard to work, the question should never be “Who can I/we get to do this work?” but rather, “What work do I/you feel called to do right now?”

It is not realistic to think I can be in right relationship with everything all the time, but having my intention set that way, and being willing to make changes when they come to my attention, seems to be enough.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.