Energy Antibiotics

I read Starhawk’s The Fifth Sacred Thing a while back. One of the key ideas that stuck with me from the novel was healing by destroying the “energy signature” of the organism. She shapes it up as doing combat with the bug, which is not exactly how I see it.

I offer healing to any entity or being that presents itself to me for healing. This includes the most “evil” of spirits and the most deadly of viruses. If a person is sick with a “bug”–either virus, bacteria, or parasite–I remove the energy from their space, just as I remove a person’s energy who is intruding into a client’s space. I believe that this has a similar effect to taking an antibiotic, only without the damaging side-effects of our medicinal antibiotics. Once the live energy is removed, the body is left with a clean-up job, but no longer has to fight off an intruder.

The principle underlying this is that our systems are fundamentally comprised of energy. Our bodies are formed around a pre-existing energy template. That is why one must address the energetic cause to get at the root of physical illness. So, to get rid of a “bug,” its live energy must first be removed, then its “dead” cellular structure can be swept out by our body’s healing system.

(These are such primitive words to put on this incredible reality, but it’s the best I/we can do for now!)

Science has already provided us with an understanding that “everything is energy,” so it is hardly a stretch to see that this will revolutionize our medical practices. This kind of solves the problem of our antibiotics going defunct, eh? Energy healing is beautifully non-invasive and very very precise in its focus. Many healers are offering intuitive diagnosis, which has the potential to be about a million times more accurate and fast than our current primitive diagnostic tools.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.