Healing Energy Frequencies

One of the most fascinating parts of this work is that I am discovering there are a perhaps endless number of healing energies that may be accessed. Some of them are familiar to me (I need to start a list!), but every week I receive new ones. It is always clear to me what energy to use, and sometimes I can tell that I need to access a new one. So I send up the request, and hold out my hand to receive it.

The other day, I was working on reducing the swelling in an injured knee. I asked for an anti-inflammatory energy, and was connected to a soft, “foggy” grey energy. I surrounded the knee with it (in a containment sphere), and kept it there for the hour. When she left, I gave the energy instructions to dissipate over the course of the next day. She emailed me the following evening to say the swelling was completely gone.

Some of these energies are from places throughout the universe, and some are from within the earth. I usually see them as different colors, but I am sure they are simply particular frequencies of energy. Clearly, different body parts need different healing frequencies. It is my theory, based on information I have been given in spirit, that particular cosmic energies went into the formation of each body system. For example, white light energy (and beings!) have been highly influential in the evolution of our minds over the past 2000 years (the rise of the masculine principle, law and order, abstract thinking, etc.) Whereas there is a particular iridescent silver energy that is useful in healing the nervous system and has contributed to the development of our nervous system (though has been in the shadow for awhile, thus our out-of-date and underdeveloped nervous systems).

Lately I have been working a lot with what seems to be fourth dimension healing energy (see picture above: white full spectrum light, so full of rainbow colors) and a high frequency iridescent gold, which seems to be from the fifth dimension.

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.