The purpose of energy healing

The purpose of energy healing is to bring you into greater wholeness within yourself and in your relationship to the great interconnected web of energy that is Life. We are all parts of one great organism, one great harmony.

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Your physical illness is a vital clue about what needs to happen to bring your personal energy system into greater harmony (= heal). When we suffer, not only do we need relief from the pain, but we need to have some questions answered about why we got sick. What are our bodies are trying so hard to tell us? Physical illness is your energy system’s last resort: a full-fledged BELLOW to get your attention.

Physical illness is always your body or spirit asking for a change in how you are living. Whether it be a big or a small change, it is a problem that can be solved—IF YOU CHOOSE TO RESPOND. There is always hope! Our bodies are capable of profound healing far beyond the mind’s grasp.

Western medical systems, in all their brilliance, have not yet found a good way to listen deeply for what the body is shouting at you, for what change it is gasping.

Fortunately, intuitive perception (= deeper listening) can fill this gap with a mercifully light touch. Energy healing begins with simply naming the deeper need: bringing it into consciousness. Following this identification, many paths to healing are possible. It is essential to identify the source of the problem, however, or the many paths will not result in complete healing.

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The human energy system works like this: The body is formed by and on an energy template. Blocks or tears in the energy flow will eventually lead to physical problems if not mended. Energy healing offers mending at the energy template level. Once this occurs, the body’s natural healing processes start working to resolve the physical issue. Additional healing practices are often needed in this phase to support the body as it heals, running the gamut from a simple exercise program to surgery.

In my energy healing work, I cannot promise you complete physical recovery. I will listen deeply to your body and spirit, and hold a safe space for your healing process. I can promise you that my work will restore wholeness in your energy system at a deep level, and set the stage for a complete physical healing, if you have the faith and courage to undertake the required journey, and if your soul has learned what it set out to learn from the illness.

We often hold on to physical illnesses at a deeper level because we are still learning a needed lesson in our soul’s journey. These are choices made by our soul that should be honored, so that we can fulfill our purpose in this lifetime. Our souls have a much broader perspective on this lifetime than do our minds.

Whatever stage you are at in health and illness, there is much to be discovered and much that can be done. Do not despair!

Published by

Joanna Juzwik

Joanna is an energy healer and social visionary based in Berea, Kentucky.