Turtle Island Farm and Healing Community


New Earth Healing Center

Turtle Island Farm and Healing Community and the New Earth Healing Center (visit the website) are spaces designed by Joanna Juzwik to optimally support the healing journey. These healing centers are for people who want to create a better world to live in, and who understand that such change starts inside each of us. The centers provide tools and support so people of all ages can take complete responsibility for themselves, and undertake the journey to complete wholeness—physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

The goal of this journey is the state of joy that comes with remembering our Oneness with all Creation. The journey itself is all about adventuring along our unique paths to bring forth what we are here to individually and collectively create.


Turtle Island will be located at the former Egrets’ Cove Community site, beside Owsley Fork Reservoir in Big Hill (7 miles east of Berea). New Earth Healing Center will be located in downtown Berea, Please contact me if you have space to offer!

What Each Offers

Turtle Island provides immersion in a natural setting (trails, gardens, woods, wild animals), rites of passage and healing ceremonies, and spa resources (mineral soak tubs for starters). Common areas are open from 8-4 every day, and overnight spaces are available. Possibilities for organized events include kids’ camps, teen groups, and (of course!) music and dancing.

New Earth Healing Center is a more focused healing space, open five days a week, from 9-9. Members are encouraged to come as often as possible. The space is set up for people to use on their own, as well as for healing staff members to provide bodywork and energy work. The center is organized “by Spirit,” meaning all staff and members are encouraged to come and go as their Inner Guide or Spirit urges them. Events at the center include support groups, singing, and teaching.


Turtle Island membership is $50/month per adult (age 16+); kids and teens 15 and under are free. For the first 6 months, membership will be limited to 20 lifetime membership investors while we get things up and running. After that, membership will open up to those who wish to pay on a monthly or annual basis also.

New Earth Healing Center membership is $200/month/adult. We ask a two-month minimum commitment, since healing staff will invest significant time and energy in each member. As soon as members get comfortable listening to and following their Inner Guide, or Spirit, we ask that they shift into a mode of payment based on Spirit’s leading, which will vary from member to member. Children and teens are encouraged to participate in this mode also.