Anything can be healed

Joanna heals by awakening your healing system to go to work on whatever healing you are ready for. She uses her own energy-healing expertise as needed. Her work can help with:

      • Physical injury and illness
      • Anxiety, panic, and depression
      • Trauma and PTSD (read more)
      • Mental illness
      • Relationship problems

Energy healing gets to the root of the problem, then your system will naturally realign to a healthy flow. Read more . . .

Spring 2020 Update from Joanna

Hello friends and clients. I have taken advantage of the down-time in my practice to seek out a bigger space for my work, so that my healing work can be founded in teaching and supporting people in self-healing practices and lifestyle habits. I will be using these last few days of April to move out of my old space. More on the new space when that becomes definite!

How to Connect

Saturday Walk-In Hours (10-1). This is a good wait to find the space and meet Joanna. Walk-in sessions are short, 20 minutes ($20) or 10 minutes for existing clients ($10)

Scheduled Session. A typical session lasts an hour. We spend some time talking about problem issues, then go into energy work. Joanna listens deeply to what your body and spirit want to heal, then helps your system make those changes.    $60 (45-90 minutes). 

Energy Skills Group. Joanna teaches DIY energy techniques to help maintain a strong, intact energy field in yourself. This is for people who want to see rapid and tangible change in their lives, and are willing to do some self-directed work. This is also for people who cannot afford to pay someone else to heal them, and are willing instead to learn to heal themselves. Participants can either pay $20/meeting, or contribute via the “New Earth” economy. It is open to anyone who wants to learn the skills and can participate in the group in a respectful way. The group meets when requested on Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:00.