Joanna’s book is now available for purchase on Amazon! This book is a condensed analysis of what forces are directing the course of our universe, and why life on Earth has not been evolving toward its own best interest.

The second half of the book details how changes in our everyday behaviors and lives can help us reclaim our planet and our own power to consciously create a world in which all life can thrive. The knowledge base comes from her two decades of human and earth energy healing work using expanded intuitive perception. 

Anything can be healed.

Joanna is a very different sort of healer. Her own energy field vibrates at a high enough level that it awakens a client’s own healing system to go to work on whatever healing they are ready for. She intervenes with her own energy-healing expertise if needed. 

  • Trauma and PTSD (read more)
  • Energy field breaches and leaks
  • Physical illness
  • Emotional problems
  • Mental illness

If your system heals itself in this way, it will maintain itself without constant intervention from a healing expert AND free of medications and supplements. 


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