Joanna Juzwik, Intuitive Healer, Berea, KentuckyJoanna Juzwik is a Soul and Aura Mender, Self-Healing Guide, Shamanic Practitioner, and Natural Builder based in Berea, Kentucky.  She offers healing sessions, teaching, and group work by appointment. She does not charge a set fee, instead asking people to ask their Inner Guide what they need to contribute in return for work. Her healing and teaching work is based at the New Earth Healing Center, close to Berea, Kentucky.

Using intuitive perception, Joanna is able to see into dimensions hidden from our usual level of awareness. Energy and spirit are visible in these realms, as well as the archetypal patterns and currents that run through the universe, the earth and within our individual and collective lives. Here the purpose behind all our life experiences is revealed, as is the great interconnected harmony that embraces each of our lives.

Joanna assists individuals and the planet toward greater wholeness, mending rifts and damage caused by ignorance of our true nature and the true nature of the earth. She is available to anyone in need of intuitive information or healing work: individuals, groups, and organizations; as well as animals, spirit beings, and places on earth. Perhaps her most valuable service currently is being able to tell a new story about what is happening on this planet and beyond, and what it means about how we should live, to thrive. A new narrative about one’s life is an essential foundation for healing!

Typical services include:

Individual sessions (energy healing + intuitive insight)

Clearing negative energy from a space

Speaking Engagements

Joanna’s work can help with:

Physical illness. Illness arises from imbalance in the energy field. Joanna seeks and clears the root of the problem, so the client’s own healing system can re-engage. She holds a healing space of safety and love, drawing on specific healing frequencies to assist the healing process.

Post-trauma healing. After a traumatic experience, a person may feel panicky and find it difficult to function. Joanna’s work on spirit-body integration allows the spirit to feel safe in the body again. Functionality can often be restored in a single session.

Relationship problems. If a relationship in your life is proving difficult or baffling, there may be something going on below the surface that can be identified, giving you new information on how to proceed. This is particularly helpful in parent-child relationships, co-worker conflict, contentious friendships, and romantic relationships.

Clarity in non-verbal relationships. An intuitive consultation can give a voice to those who cannot articulate their needs: infants, people with developmental disabilities, pets, and other animals.

Death of a loved one. If you are in the process of caring for someone who is dying, or have already lost someone near to you, there is often information available from them at the spirit level to help make the transition.

Sleeplessness. This is caused by a weak or damaged spirit-body connection, which is something that can be mended. Lasting change in this area is not a one-time quick fix. It may take multiple sessions and home-work on the client’s part.

Finding your life purpose. Joanna can take a broad look at your life path, where you are now, and what areas of work are asking for your attention.

Dream interpretation. Have you had a significant dream whose meaning remains elusive? Joanna can interpret what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Therapy boost. For therapists and healers, an intuitive consultation for the client can open new directions, revealing key missing information to aid the healing process.

Group dilemmas. Is your business, organization, or group in rocky territory? Vision unclear? Find out what dynamics are at play and how the group can shift into more productive interactions.

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