Anything can be healed

Joanna heals by awakening your healing system to go to work on whatever healing you are ready for. She uses her own energy-healing expertise as needed. Her work can help with:

      • Physical injury and illness
      • Anxiety, panic, and depression
      • Trauma and PTSD (read more)
      • Mental illness
      • Relationship problems

Energy healing gets to the root of the problem, then your system will naturally realign to a healthy flow. Read more . . .

How to Connect

Joanna created the Dragons Roost Community and Portal space to support the healing journey. She offers her healing work within this context. Membership in Dragons Roost (either active or inactive) significantly increases the healing from private sessions.

Joanna now includes membership in her fee for private healing sessions. Membership commitment is one month only, and costs $40 if your income is above the federal poverty guidelines.* Private healing sessions with Joanna are an additional $20 each, regardless of length.

Scheduled Session. A typical session lasts an hour, and is recommended if it is your first session with Joanna. We spend some time identifying problem issues, then go into energy work. Joanna listens deeply to what your body, spirit, and mind want to heal, then helps your system make those changes.

Teaching and Groups. Joanna now offers teaching and discussion groups at The Portal. More information on these may be found on the Dragons Roost website.

Best Bet. If you would like to see significant and fast change in your life and health, Joanna recommends (1) Being an active member of Dragons Roost, so you can learn and be supported in the daily healing journey, and (2) Coming at least twice a month for private sessions.

* Children are welcome at no extra cost in a caretaker’s membership or session

* Federal poverty guideline/household size: $12k/one ($1000/mo), $17k/two ($1400/mo), $21k/three ($1800/mo), $26k/four ($2200/mo)